• Noah

GOON-O-RAMA! 2021 In Review! The End. Part Eleven: The Trump House Of The Year!

-by Noah

Imagine if you awoke one day to find this eyesore across the street from your house. Talk about bringing down the property values! All that's missing is the old washing machine on the front lawn. And you know inside the ceilings of this house are riddled with bullet holes! The walls? Do you have to ask? They're covered with more of what you see on the outside, except for the 72-inch TV monitors tuned into Duck Dynasty, AON and FOX. Some conservative wacko drives down his street and beams with pride at this display as he pulls into his driveway! The kids are probably inside playing with their Sean Hannity action figures. Yup, the only people in the neighborhood that like this house are other Republicans and the local raccoons who come by for the garbage thrown out the kitchen window into the backyard.

Everytime I head out to the suburbs, I see houses like this. I know of one house in upstate New York that has cannons, yes, I said cannons (!) aimed out at the street! This kind of thing is more than a bit of a phenomenon. Face it, as bad as they were in so many ways, you never saw a Reagan or Nixon house like this even if you knew what they were thinking. People that deface their home like this are deranged fanatics beyond all intervention. Their counterparts in Afghanistan live in caves. I would have said you'd be better off if the house across the street was a total crack house but then I remembered that that could mean the Pillow Guy or Don Jr & Kimberly Tinfoil might have moved in. Maybe all three.

If Democrats are counting on the suburban vote, they better work extra hard to get it and not take anything for granted like they always do. Democratic voters may stay home on election day but not the critters that live in this house. Message to the DNC: How about some candidates that inspire voters to go out and vote. How's that for a brand new innovative election strategy? Remember, the knuckle-dragging goons across the street are fanatical enough to have bought that Blue Nazi Trump 2024 flag the day after 1/6 if not before. Trump will die someday and they will still vote for him. It's more than politics for them. It's religion, and those chintzy Trump lights up on the roof are the candles on the altar.

And don't forget this blast from the past from Latrobe, Pennsylvania!

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