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GOON-O-RAMA, 2021 In Review Part 6: Joe Manchin Is America's Newest Curse

by Noah "Senator Manchin has betrayed his commitment not only to the President and Democrats in Congress but most importantly, to the American people. He routinely touts that he is a man of his word, but he can no longer say that." -Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, 12/19/21 Joe Manchin, a reeking, lead-filled cesspool of a man in a city stuffed with 'em. A sadist among sadists. King Sadist. King Rat. With the Joe Manchins and Donald Trumps of the world, the Grim Reapers hardly even need COVID. They'd rather starve you to death or make sure you get cancer and then can't afford to treat it anyway. They'd rather see you driving in a car on a bridge as it collapses and plunges you into the icy polluted waters. People like Joe Manchin sadistically long to turn America into one big endless snuff film that they get to watch over and over again. Joe Manchin had the power to let the Child Tax Credit expire for Christmas. He cavalierly broke his word and used it. Then, for an extra gleeful touch of sadistic psychopathy, he went on FOX "News" to make his "in your face" announcement. Can you imagine what kind of people work for something like Joe Manchin?

One can be a traitor to their country, to its people, and both. They say that terrorism is what happens when the Joe Manchins of the world just hammer people who already have next to nothing into the ground and do it with a smirk on their face. If they have anything, even hopes, the Joe Manchins of the world take it away from you. When people have nothing to lose or they're finally just so sick and tired of the Joe Manchins, watch out! Joe Manchin is the sadist who takes a hostage and starts sending out parts he's cut off with a switchblade. Eventually, when the hostage has bled to death, he sends you the two middle fingers. And, he laughs. This is what Joe Manchin did with Build Back Better. Being a liar is nearly always a prerequisite for success in politics but being a Master Of Betrayal and going back on your word like Joe Manchin has done takes a real premeditated sociopathy. Joe Manchin dragged this out for the whole year with all his blackened heart but Joe Manchin and the people who work for him fully embraced hurting as many Americans as possible long ago. Better is an anathema to people like Joe Manchin unless better means better for him. Joe Manchin has made himself America's newest curse. His name is synonymous with Fuck You all by itself. So who paid you, Joe Manchin? Who paid you? The banksters? Probably. Today's banking industry is a social abattoir. 2008 proved it. Name a bank executive that isn't a financer or at least supporter of such evil. Don't ask me to waste time waiting on your answer. What you say isn't worth a damn. You've made sure we know that. You've hammered that home, too. Some vermin CEOs? Yeah, of course. Fellow actors in the grand Washington play? Of Course, but you eagerly took the lead. The same Russians that pay your pal Moscow Mitch McCommie? Undoubtedly. None of these people ever saw the building of a death camp or for profit prison they couldn't get behind, and turning the whole country into a death camp? Well, your god is good, isn't he Joe Manchin. You spent the whole year turning your slow step by step strangulation of Build Back Better into a huge money making enterprise for yourself and your grifting family, most notably your daughter.

Joe Manchin laughs at us all. He parades up and down the Potomac in his Fuck You I've Got Mine yacht. He waits for the checks to clear so he can buy an even bigger one. Or maybe some putrid oligarch will just give him one in gratitude. That's right, a bigger Fuck You I've Got Mine.

Joe Manchin waited until just before Christmas to hand out his lumps of coal, not just to West Virginians but to all Americans. He looked at things like affordable insulin and care for the elderly and said, "Hell, no! That's not me!" Do you think that timing was mere coincidence? Guess again. It was the timing of a very menatally sick man. He chose to announce once and for all that he was not going to support Build Back Better on a Sunday morning news show and did it on his beloved FOX "News" for good measure. Deliberate salt in the wounds of the cuts he made. It was a calculated extra dagger in the hopes and dreams of those he tortures. That was a nice touch, Joe Manchin. I know you got immense kinky pleasure out of dangling Build Back Better in front of us all just out of arm's reach as you got your jollies from whittling away at it. To Joe Manchin, it was either that or hold it up on national TV and take a lit match to it. As you read this, Smirking Joe Manchin is enjoying his Christmas. He's enjoying his yacht dreams while he enjoys stealing what's left of the American Dream from "ordinary Americans" as he plots to become West Virginia's next oligarchal billionaire governor or perhaps the next Republican president. He has even decided to continue his deception into 2022 and why shouldn't he? Since he's gotten away with his psychotic game all year, he's decided to continue it into the new year by hinting that he might be open to restarting "negotiations." It's how he gets his kicks, a big fat cat holding us down with a paw and ripping our legs off one at a time. The leadership of one party supports this farce while that of the other shakes their pom-poms and cheers him on from the sideline. Yup, most of Washington and the media hackery are following suit with Manchin's now trademarked Everest high mound of bullshit. Enjoy your payoff, Joe Manchin. Americans are great at sleeping but, if they ever wake up, you're going to need that money, for more security than even you can afford.

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