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GOON-O-RAMA, 2021 In Review, Part 5: Trump Is God! God Is Trump! A Gallery!

-by Noah

Over the past year, I've collected a lot of the kind of things you see in this post. It's a "special" kind of Republican religious art. You might laugh at it but the creators of this trash are completely serious. You might say deadly serious. We know that Republicans worship Trump but maybe some of us haven't quite realized how much. So consider this post both a service and a warning. If you thought the ravings of goons like the cloven-hoofed Marjorie Traitor Greene and the rambling evil word salad of people like Moscow Mitch, the perversion of Gym Shower Jordan and Matt Gaetz, and the utter insanity of Lauren Boebert and, oh, let's just face it, the entire Republican Party have no meaning behind them, just remember the times we heard the same kind of talk from people who ended up flying planes into buildings. This is the Republican Party and from this we can easily see where the party wants to take us all. Behold!

1. Trump The God Emperor! This one began appearing on my radar right around January 1st. It took on more meaning on 1/6 and showed up in my email and on Facebook more and more as the affliction of Republican Delirium increased. You wonder why Sydney Powell talks about releasing Kraken and Rudy Giuliani's head oozes black goo? Look no further!

2. When God Steps In, Miracles Happen! Well, no miracles happened when Trump got elected with "outside help." The only miracle is that any of you are still alive to read this and I'm still alive to write it. OK, you could consider the fact that he's no longer infesting the White House, but he and his accomplices are still around and still uncaged thanks to a bunch of fools and idiots in high places that think the whole thing will just blow over and never come roaring back. The "nothing to see here" approach is never good, Mr. Garland. Just look at Nazi Germany, or is that what you're hoping for?

3. Our Holy Duty To Guard Against Foreign Hordes! This one could be the physical backdrop of any typically xenophobic FQX "News program. I wouldn't be at all surprised if it isn't painted on the walls of a few offices of republican $enators and Congressloons, probably Texas Governor Greg Abbott's office, too, just for starters. If you think Tucker Tiki Torch, Sean Hannity, Laura "Ilsa" Ingraham and others get together and circle jerk to it... well, I'm sure you're right but I'd rather not go there.

4. God, Guns, & Trump! An old favorite of the nation's Republikooks and other Nazi lifeforms. Call this one the "E Pluribus Unum" of today's Republican Party, their motto, their rally cry, even if God has nothing to do with it outside of their twisted minds. To them, the concept of God is for justification of a myriad forms of evil, whatever such sick sociopaths can think up.

5. The God King Trump! This one is the profile photo of a private online group. Once I signed up for emails from Republican Chairbozo Rona Romney McDaniel's RNC, all sorts of invitations started showing up in my mailbox. I'm guessing it might have been the inspiration for that gold statue that the CPAC lunatics had hat their most recent Bund. In case you don't remember that, here it is:

I'll leave you with that. Sweet dreams everybody! Remember, in the Republican Mind Hive, 1/6 is just the beginning. That's a big part of why they keep telling us to just move on, no need to investigate, "nothing to see here." Of course, we could do that, just like this country went back to sleep right after some people very much like today's repugs failed in their first attempt to bring down the World Trade Center with a huge truck bomb and a naive fool named Condoleezza Rice decided no one would ever think of bringing the towers down with hijacked planes. These people are nuts. Get that through your heads. What we heard and what we experienced this year will only be worse as these people descend further into their madness and drag us with it.

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