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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Noah's Last Minute Hideous Halloween Costume Ideas!

by Noah So, did you get invited to a Halloweem party at the last minute and now you're wondering what to wear? Not to worry! One thing you can say for the Republican Party, is that they have no shortage of grotesque human monstrosities to inspire one hell of a freaky costume and, best of all, with only a few exceptions, the ideas offered in the above photo won't cost you much of anything; except maybe the rest of your dignity. And, please, don't go out dressed up as Hitler. I mean, think about it, nearly every Republican you may have the misfortune to know will already have that costume! You do know that's what they wear around the house, don't you? For them, it's either that or putting on one of their swastika armbands, a nice red Nazimaga hat and walking around like extras from some Walking Dead movie. Yeah, I know. They have no imagination. That's why they're Republicans. And don't forget this this typical Republican asswipe:

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