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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Kathryn Harris's New Friends Manchin & Sinema

by Noah Jim Crow not only lives, it's getting stronger every damn day as the Republicans clap and cheer; the Tinkerbell effect in full force. Thanks to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, and their fellow deplorables on the Nazi side of the aisle, America is moving back to the 19th century, a place where all conservatives wish to return, a place all conservatives find more to their liking, a place where there's no income tax and black people are seen but definitely not heard, a place where typical white supremacist conservatives find all sorts of creative ways to prevent "certain people" from exercising their Constitutional right to vote. How much do you wanna bet that Manchin & Sinema might now try to introduce a bill that decrees all poor people, regardless of race, have to guess the number of jellybeans in a large jar at each polling place before they can vote. That's if there's even a polling place near enough to get to anymore. We already know that every single one of the racist goons that make up today's Republican Party would support such a bill. Hell, they've given every indication that they'd be glad to do away with the entire 14th Amendment! The Repugs have already been busy in recent times finding ways to kick "certain people" off the voter rolls for as little reason as not liking the look of a citizen's name. The Bushes were masters of that in Florida back in 2000 and look where that got us. Remember Kathryn Harris, the republican patron saint of ethnic cleansing of the voting rolls? The rise of the extended Neo-Nazi Trump family encouraged, emboldened, and kicked such things into a higher gear, a gear that's whirling so fast that Democracy itself is on the brink as planned. Wednesday night's $enate vote was all part of the RNC Kampf. When Manchin & Sinema muster every insincere cell in their polluted bodies to tell us that "the courts will handle any problems voters might have," they're just being facetious and Maga-hearted. They fully realize, even though the naive and pig-ignorant idiocracy public doesn't, that the utter demolition of voting rights laws is the life long dream and work of Chief Justice John Roberts. He's the Judicial Branch's Ace In The Hole of this "conservative movement." Thanks, Schumer! Then there's Moscow Mitch, the $enate's #1 Ace In The Hole on this one and he's being a racist is at his old Kentucky core. Don't believe it? Well, check out what he had to say about Wednesday's anti-voting rights vote- Well, the concern is misplaced because, if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans. Yeah, you racist bag of wormy dog turds, we see what you did there in your little Freudian slip. You expressed the GOP worldview out loud! You turned the alleged quiet part of the republican message on voting and race into a foghorn just in case, somehow, we'd managed to miss it before. You don't see African Americans as fully American. Right, got it. Fuck you asshole! So cynical of you, yeah, African Americans vote in the same percentage but only as long as you Nazis allow them to vote at all. That's what this whole thing is about. Here's a tip Mitch: Take that KKK sheet you wear at home and at whatever secret white supremacy fundraisers you go to, wrap it around your neck and lynch your evil self from a tree in your front yard. I'd love to see a statue of that on your lawn in the coming years! I'd even buy some little spotlights for your lawn so passersby can get a good view of it at night. And, of course, there's always the money. Manchin and Sinema are probably the two biggest $enate whores on this one with K Street Streetwalker Sinema taking in record amounts of what are euphemistically called "campaign contributions" from the corporate fascista lobby and pleasing her johns no end with her purely racist vote on Wednesday. She's raking in millions on this. Reports now say that 90% of her bank deposits are coming, not from Arizona constituents but from out of state; at the direction of Moscow Mitch himself, no doubt.

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