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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The K Street Streetwalker!

by Noah

I have been listening to senate speeches for decades now, most of them while I was sitting in the Senate chamber as a Democratic staff member and I have never, never heard a more contemptuous speech by a Democratic senator than the one written by Senator Kyrsten Sinema's senate staff and read by Senator Sinema on the Senate floor today. The speech was filled with contempt for Senator Sinema;s Democratic colleagues, for her constituents, and for all of you.-Lawrence O'Donnell, 1/13/22 (See more in the clip at the end of this post.)

$enator Kyrsten Sinema's racism and disdain for even the idea of democracy is horrifically apparent in her bottom line refusal to support voting rights for all American citizens and as such has made herself a proud participant in Trump's rolling coup right along with Joe Manchin and all but a handful of the Republican Party Nazi faithful. With that in mind, I'm using this post to provide a context for Sinema's deplorable behavior. She and the rest of the hood and sheet crowd can talk all they want about supporting voting rights but has she put her vote where her mouth is? As of this writing, her vote is no and that's what, at the end of each day, counts more than anything else.

In any effort to convince Sinema to do the moral thing, you must remember that you cannot use the "how you'll go down in history" argument with a psychopath. Her's is not just a matter of bad character and it shouldn't surprise us that such an obsessively money grubbing "I've Got Mine, Jack" person would also be a top offender when it comes to denying the rights of others. To that end, she is applying maximum effort, acting out like a spoiled child. If she just mistakenly felt that other people getting a fair deal hurts her size of the pie slice, that would be one thing, but there is clearly a deeper psychopathology at work with her. The way it looks to me is that, in a world of people in a blind rush to be billionaires, Kyrsten Sinema is looking to be the first to do it solely on the basis of being elected to the $enate and if American voters get a Reich imposed on them, well that's just the collateral damage of her march to the greatness she sees in her twisted mind. If there is anything else to Kyrsten Sinema, any substance at all, it is now way overshadowed by her attitude towards voting and democracy itself. It's only a matter of time before Trump starts talking her up because her efforts will help him get back to infesting the oval office where she can be the new Kellyanne Conway.

See the money. Be the money! The portrait of $enator Kyrsten Sinema you see above is a fine and fair representation. She is the personification of the evil that cash corruption in politics brings. Sinema has positioned herself as the poster child for everything that's wrong with Washington, DC. Most politicians are all about the cash grab first and being a help to society is a distant second to a varying degree but perhaps none are more in your face and more defiantly proud of their money grubbing than Arizona's Big Pharma gal Sinema now known as The K Street Streetwalker. Each dollar is a prized trophy. To her (and other failed humans like her inside Congress), it's not enough that we pay her way with our tax dollars. If you want to point at a Welfare Queen, look no further. Sinema is an ultimate profile in greed and cowardice at the same time so she will be anyone and do anything to please those providing the largess inorder to buy politicians and their votes. The party has never mattered; the further things sail off to the right, the better. Sinema's gross attention campaign is her way of staking her claim and position and telling everyone that she may be just a first termer but she's open for business. Move over Mitch McConnell. Move over "Ted" Cruz.

At least some billionaires in this world have made a contribution or two to make things better for the world. The Beatles entertained us and used their fame for good. McKenzie Scott has been implementing a plan to give most of her fortune to worthy causes. People like Elon Musk, badly flawed as he is, at least set out thinking, "If I could finance the development of something useful, I could make a billion dollars." For Sinema, it seems more like a simple case of something like this: If I could get elected, I could make a billion dollars sponging off the corporate world and selling myself to the highest bidder. OK, it's all about me! Democracy and everyone in America can go fuck themselves. I can't even spell filibuster let alone my name.

I have a proposal: I'm all for the theater of following $enator Sinema down the street and flicking pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters at her feet. There's at least some perverse humor in watching her franticly instruct her staff to pick it all up as she strolls along to the next corporate streetlamp but, suppose in addition, we the people, at least all of us that aren't Nazis, each send a single dollar to $inema at her $enate office in an effort to counter some of the cash of those who own and operate her. If you do this, please be sure to mark the envelope with the words "Purchasing Your Vote" in large letters. Doing that in blood red lends some extra possibilities of meaning to that statement. At this point, the windfall I'm talking about is probably about 200 million dollar bills! I can see her, in my mind's eye, rushing to her office and taking a flying leap of orgasmic ecstasy into the cash pile. Better yet, make it $2 or $3 each and it just might be the best sex she's ever had. Make it $2 a month and for just $24/year, you can be part of the National Adopt-A-Politician Program. I'm sure, Sinema would, of course, be happy to send you a wallet size photo of the picture used in the above meme but only for an extra 25 cents a month. Don't forget the stamped envelope!

Will Sinema's corporate masters counter the move? Of course they will but, I like that they will be irritated and sooner or later, they might even start to wonder if she's worth so much of their cold, hard moola, even with all of their financial reserves, and, keep in mind that even they can't cover every politician they target. The cost of cyber-security alone is putting a bigly dent in profits. Meanwhile, do you really think a politician like Sinema cares where the money comes from? All she'll care about is that she's well along to her goal and, if she ever gets there, then the fun will begin as she loses her grip completely.

As it stands now, $inema is now obviously looking for ways not to contribute to society, but to take away from society. She's enjoying this. My god, her parents must have been horrific, probably not much different than those of Kyle Rittenhouse with a result that goes in the same box. The term 'attention whore' doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. Who else gives that tasteless, rambling, ill-thought out, ill-educated speech she gave on the $enate floor before her lunch meeting with the president, a meeting where all she did was play with her phone the whole time. It was the stuff of a hyper-rude 12 year old psychobaby who will never grow to be a responsible adult and, of course, she performed her act while hiding behind a cross prominently draped around her neck. The faked emotional quivering in her voice as she gave her speech was a nice extra touch. If you're into watching a simulation of what it looks like when someone is shot in the head with a nail gun, look it up on youtube. Sinema is the embodiment of the Trump era. In 20 years she'll be drawing on her face with crayons, if she lives that long. She's a sociopath on her best days. She's cash mad. Bad combo. So was John Dillinger. So was Sadaam Hussein. Both came to ignominious ends. You could say she's not that bad but you can't say she's not well along on that path. Feed her to a pen of pigs. Her last words will be, "Do you think I'm pretty?"

Addendum: In a closely related matter, regular readers know that I am always "amused" by the grifting emails I get from the Trumps and the RNC. More often than not, they are one in the same. This past Friday's bit of fetid email slop from the Trumps had this header: "My Father Is So Excited About Trump Cash Blitz Day!" This "Cash Blitz Day" edition of "The Endless Grift" came from Donald Jr. I guessed that he was short of funds for the weekend. I replied that I'd heard there was a forecast for plenty of snow in Washington, drifts and drifts and piles and piles of glistening white powder, so he needn't worry and he wouldn't be needing any cash from me. Besides, he could always do what I did for extra cash as a child; I went and shoveled out some old lady's driveway. Perhaps Lindsey Graham could use his services.

Parting shot: Gee, thanks a lot Chucky Schumer. You hand picked this racist psycho and got her to run for $enator with your full backing. Not surprising, I guess, since you let John Roberts, a racist goon who has devoted his entire life to deprive "certain people" of their right to vote, pass through your Senate Judiciary Committee for a vote from the full $enate knowing what he is. How'd that work out?

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