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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Josh "Adolf" Hawley, The Pride Of Missouri!

by Noah

Run Josh Run! There he goes, shitting bricks as he tries to escape the mob he helped incite so bigly and so proudly, cheering them on as the GOP's attempted coup began with his raised fist of support and encouragement.

Then the photo-op turned on him as he had to run for his worthless life from the very mob he helped create. Hawley's dash is not just infamous. It holds so much irony since he was the first of the GOP's $enate Nazi Squad (They actually feel he's presidential material!) to publicly announce that he would help Traitor Don overthrow the government and install his master as "President For Life" by denying the certification of the people's election of Joe Biden. Yep, he was the very first, even beating out fellow seditionists "Texas Ted" Cruz, Alabama's Tommy Tupperware or Tumorville or whatever his name is, and, of course, Moscow Mitch.

If Josh Hawley is the best Missouri has to offer, one can only imagine the worst. Missouri, you voted for this sick, pathetic farce of a human being because you feel he speaks for you! It's time you go collect him from Washington and secede from the America you so obviously hate.

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