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I Would Never Vote For A Republican— And I Would Never Vote For Maggie Hassan

According to ProgressivePunch, there are 8 worse Senate Democrats than New Hampshire conservative Maggie Hassan. Hassan mostly votes the party line. She only strays when it is very, very important to her— when it’s crucial that she vote with the Republicans, like when she helped the GOP vote down the proposal to increase the minimum wage. That’s ole Maggie, who was also a shitty New Hampshire governor. And she then has the gumption to ask working people to help reelect her! In fact, of those 8 worse Democrats in the Senate, none are up for reelection this cycle, not Manchin, not Sinema, not Tom Carper. The only way Democrats can tell senators they’re not going to be stabbed in the back and then smile sweetly, is by refusing to vote for Hassan, no matter how terrible the alternative is.

I recall how well Bernie did in New Hampshire at the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign. He beat Hillary 151,584 (60.4%) to 95,252 (38.0%) and he won every county in the state. But you know what he didn’t win? He didn’t win the votes of the elitist political scumbags (AKA the so called super delgates). Hassan didn’t care then— and doesn’t care now— what voters in New Hampshire want. She went to the convention and cast her vote not for what her state wanted, but for what the corrupt elites wanted: the candidate who couldn’t beat Donald Trump. In fact, it’s worth mentioning that Bernie took more votes than Trump statewide and in every single county! But Hassan voted for Hillary and helped propel the party and the country towards doom.

Over the weekend, Bernie offered 3 amendments to the Build Back Worse reconciliation bill that would have made it better, including an amendment that would have put a cap on the cost of prescription drugs, one extending the child care tax credit and one establishing a civilian climate corps, all very popular positions both nationalyl and in New Hampshire. Democrats voted against them, claiming they had to defeat all amendments no matter what they were for. But that was a typical Democratic elitist lie.

Hassan and some of the other conservatives just could not resist breaking ranks with the Democrats when something they really believed in came up over the weekend. Not to make drugs cheaper or to save the planet. What Hassan jumped the fence over was John Thune’s amendment— backed by Kyrsten Sinema— to shield businesses that rely on capital investment from private equity groups from the 15% corporate minimum tax. To hell with New Hampshire seniors desperate for fair prescription drug prices… Hassan decided to go her own way on private equity benefits.

The opposite of Maggie Hassan is not a Republican. This is the opposite of Maggie Hassan:

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