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Conservative Republicans Declare War On Fascist Republicans

This statement of political intent could be anyone believing in almost anything: "We are majority makers, the millions of men and women who for too long have been asked to swallow our principles while the increasingly radical bases in our parties elect dishonest, divisive and corrupt politicians. We are the voters who are ready to change American politics for the better, by electing better leaders." They call themselves the Renew America Movement and claim they "will seek out, promote and campaign for candidates who live up to America’s core principles, stand up for our freedoms, and serve our great nation with integrity. This coalition is dedicated to creating a new political path forward, one that works for all Americans, and can win over the ‘moderate middle’ being abandoned by our political parties. We are principled current and former Republicans building a movement to restore core American principles to our politics, beat back extremists infecting the GOP, and offer a unifying vision for our national future. This is a national movement dedicated to finding, campaigning for, and electing new leaders who live up to our core values and who put country over party. We are unafraid to cross party lines to support the best candidates, or to offer our own candidates running under the RAM banner."

That sounds like they will support conservative anti-Trump Republicans and conservative Democrats... and maybe even start a political party!

As far as who they are, there are 25 of them, a board, I guess, led by Miles Taylor and Evan McMullin. The rest of them are a bunch of NeverTrump Republicans-- including Michael Steele, Anthony Scaramucci, George Conway, Bill Weld, former congressmembers Charlie Dent (PA), Denver Riggleman (VA), Paul Mitchell (MI), Reid Ribble (WI), Barbara Comstock (VA), Charles Djou (HI), Jim Kolbe (AZ) and Claudine Schneider (RI).

Yesterday, Bloomberg reporters Mark Miquette and Bill Allison suggested they can be a force in the midterms: "A group of Republicans unhappy with the course of the GOP is forming the Renew America Movement organization to recruit and support candidates in the most competitive 2022 House and Senate races. The group plans to raise 'tens of millions' of dollars to support or oppose candidates, regardless of party, to defeat 'radical Republicans' who support former President Donald Trump in four to five Senate races and about two dozen House races in next year’s midterm elections. It will also recruit candidates to run in GOP primaries or as independents under the Renew America Movement banner. Evan McMullin, who unsuccessfully ran for president in 2016 as an independent and is a leader of the effort, said the group wants to push the GOP back to its traditional principles and create a new party if necessary for those conservatives who believe the Republican Party has become too extreme."

Senate races, huh? I suppose that signals they're going to help Lisa Murkowski keep her seat in Alaska, a real stretch. Then Trump has already announced his crackpot extremists for seats in Alabama (Mo Davis) and North Carolina (Ted Budd). There are lunatic fringe candidates he likes in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, Arizona, Georgia. It will be interesting to see what RAM does besides just endorsing Murkowski.

Of course, they'll work to bolster endangered anti-Trump incumbents like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Peter Meijer, Anthony Gonzalez, John Katko Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler... but which Trump enablers in the House will they go up against? Will they endorse general election Democrats against the worst of them, like Lauren Boebert, Mad Cawthorn, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy...? Will they raise money for Bruno Amato, the candidate taking on McCarthy, for example?

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