There Is No Capital Punishment For The Crimes Trump Is Being Investigated For

"Lawless Zone" by Nancy Ohanian

Noah's Midnight Meme today expressed doubt that Trump will ever spend a day behind bars. He's probably right... despite New York Attorney General Letitia James changing the state case against him from a civil one to an explicitly criminal one. On his blog, Trump's whining and bitching seems to suggest that he lost his mind over it.

Last night, CNN reported that James' office has also opened a criminal investigation into Allen Weisselberg, Trump's top bag man: "The pressure on Weisselberg is mounting from two directions with the attorney general looking into his personal taxes, while prosecutors in the district attorney's office are digging into his role at the Trump Organization, his personal finances, and benefits given to his son Barry, a long-time employee of the Trump Organization. Prosecutors are seeking to find leverage that could sway Weisselberg into cooperating with authorities, people familiar with the investigation said, potentially raising the legal stakes for Trump and his family. It's a common tactic used by prosecutors to try to get individuals to 'flip' to help build a case higher up the corporate ladder. Vance's office is coordinating with James' office on its criminal investigation into Weisselberg... The attorney general's office tax investigation is focusing on Weisselberg as an individual, but it could expand to include actions he has taken in his role at the Trump Organization, the people said."

The Hill noted that the news comes just 3 months after the Manhattan DA's office obtained Trump's taxes. A former Manhattan assistant DA, Daniel Horwitz told them that "This appears to be an absolutely serious investigation. And based on what's in the newspapers, it seems to be fairly advanced. It would seem that the district attorney and the attorney general have devoted significant resources to this investigation. Whether it ends in a prosecution of individuals, including the president, it's impossible to say at this point. The answer to that question is going to turn on whether there is evidence to demonstrate that the president participated in a financial fraud."