• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Introducing Trump Henge!

by Noah

When it comes to the idea of Traitor Don actually going to jail, let's just say that I will be very pleasantly surprised if it ever happens; extremely surprised. Even if Trump gets convicted and sentenced for anything, I can see him escaping jail by riding out the appeal process for the rest of his stinking cesspool of a life. I mean, look at him! He can't have that long to live so 10 years of appealing and abusing our already faulty 2-tiered legal system which grants "the privileged" certain "extra inalienable rights" will probably run right up to his last days. And, Trump and McConnell stuffed the courts with pro-Trump goons. Plus, we've already seen Trump go unpunished after not just one but two impeachment trials and there's never ever even been so much as an arrest for his obvious treason. Given all that, can we really rationally expect true justice? I'd love to think so but, with the American legal system being the farce that it is, I will just say, "Prove me wrong!"

It seems that too many people in authority will be satisfied with the idea that Trump will have to spend the rest of his days defending himself but that will never and can never be enough. Hey, if it was up to me, I would take over the green on the 13th hole at the Mar-a-Lago golf course and outfit it with a tidy circle of 20 foot high pure copper posts, a modern day kind of Stonehenge if you will. Trump Henge! Then, I would tie a Trump family member and Trump Crime Family member to each one facing the center which would also have a 20 foot copper pole. Traitor Don would be securely tied to that one. All around my Copperhenge, I would scatter a lot of dumpster contents from local restaurants to attract some gators and get them in a mood for some free eats. I'd do this on a very humid Florida day, the kind that guarantees not just an appealing stench but also a nasty thunderstorm. Copper poles just love thunderstorms and the feeling is mutual. Let nature make its choice and tell all those sicko Christonuts and other fanatics that support him that, gators, lightning bolts, or both, it was all God's will.