• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Who's Your Favorite Little Mermaid?

by Noah I can't wait for a new Donald Duck cartoon where at least one of Donald's "nephews" is black but, until then, with what seems to be the entire Republican Party still all upset about Disney's new Little Mermaid being a mermaid of color and threatening new boycotts of Disney, maybe Disney could offer the nation's racists the Little Donnie Trump Mermaid pictured above. You know they'd all rush to the theaters in their looney tunes truck parades to see it. But which version of the Little Mermaid story would you buy a ticket for? I'd go for the one below or a third version that pits the mermaid below against the Little Donnie Mermaid above. I imagine it as Godzilla against a canary. Seems about right! Call it a teaching moment.