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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Voice Of Russia: FOX News

by Noah

When I wrote about "Ted" Cruz humiliating himself the other day, it was obvious that he was groveling to kiss the ring of Tucker Tiki Torch. It is equally obvious that "Ted" still wants to be president and that, in addition to enjoying humiliation to the point of addiction and compulsion, he knows he needs Carlson's audience if he has any chance of advancing in the 2024 primary. Remember, he finished No. 2 to Trump in his last attempt.

At this point, it looks like "Ted" will be No. 2 again, positioned under either the GOP Dear Leader or maybe the Death Cult Party's newest homicidal maniac, a COVId-19 spore's best friend, Ron DeSantis. There are others positioning themselves for a run, but what of Tucker Tiki Torch himself? Many of the GOP Death Cutlists have floated his name as a President For Life candidate. They see him as a younger man packed with name recognition and a sizable following. Most important of all to any Republican, Tucker Carlson has impeccable white supremacist credentials. So, might there be another reason that Tiki Torch Boy was so eager to humiliate Cruz? It makes sense. After all, like others on FOX, he's a full blown member of the Russia-loving Traitor Don's "cable cabinet." If Traitor Don can't run either because he's a prisoner in a federal facility or a prisoner of his own rapidly worsening dementia, it's easy to see the sicko nazi types who run the GOP turning to Mr. Tiki Torch Carlson. They already love him for so many things including his on-air help in fomenting the attempted 1/6 coup which was and is the stuff of Russian dreams. Think of Tucker Carlson as the Russian troll farm's top operative in the United States now that Traitor Don is no longer in office. That nightly show on FOX is quite a platform for lots of kinds of propaganda and the Russian intelligence people know it.

But wait, there's more! There's more that the GOP can love about TV's number 1 Terrorist Whisperer. How about Tucker Carlson's stated preference for the way things are run in Russia and Hungary where he recently spent a week singing the praises of Hungarian dictator Viktor Orban. Both countries are autocracies that republican wet dreams are made of. In FOX "News," Putin already has a foothold in America. Maybe someone should investigate whether or not Carlson had any contacts with Russian intelligence agents during his stay in Budapest. On FOX, Vladimir Putin has been extolled as a "real leader" for years now. Putin has already owned and operated one U.S. president, why not Tucker Carlson, Manchurian Broadcaster becoming Manchurian President? That's how they see it. You can bet the whole of the United States on it. One nation, autocracy for all.

Imagine if, during World War Two, this country had invited some of Hitler's devoted fans to this country for the express purpose of allowing them to set up a whole 24 hour radio network with which to broadcast their viewpoints via fireside chats to pliable and gullible, critical thought challenged Americans. I might be writing this in German to you tonight!

As it is, Carlson is busy pushing Russia's viewpoints here in 2022. With Republicans, any autocracy in history is to be cherished and if Russia is offering the easiest path to the dream for them so be it. They'll be happy to draw from all. Echoing his controller, Vladimir Putin, Comrade Carlson recently spoke a stock line from his master's playbook saying, "NATO exists primarily to torment Vladimir Putin." Like Putin, Carlson also worried, right out in the open on his show, that he was worried about NATO taking over Ukraine, instead of Russia of course. The very next day, Comrade Carlson's statements were joyously broadcast on Russian State Television. Here's Igor Korotchenko a member of the Russian Defense Ministry's Public Council and Editor-In-Chief of Russia's National Defense Magazine:

Excellent performance, with which we can only express solidarity.

Korotchenko's choice of the word 'performance' is key. It either means Carlson is reading the lines he's' received or he's a puppet, or, most likely, both. How long before Comrade Carlson starts banging his show on his desk on national TV to make his point exactly like Nikita Khrushchev did at the United Nations in 1960? If that's what you're thinking Tucker, you better do it fast before one of the other trained monkeys on FOX beat you to it.

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