• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Trumps & Putin: One Big Happy Family!

by Noah

You know when you see those underwater pictures of a large shark cruising through the water with a parasitical fish known as a remora attached to its belly. It's a symbiotic relationship. Well, just to refresh some memories, I give you tonight's meme.

Knowing about the symbiotic relationship (You wreck America and western Europe-- I give you lots of money), 70,000,000+ Republican voters proved that they had absolutely no problem with the GOP/Trump partnership with Putin by voting for Traitor Don in 2016 and 2020. Not only that but the huge majority of them still believe that their Manchurian Traitor President is still the rightful president and that there should be no investigation of the attempted overthrow of the United States government on 1/6. If their red-hatted white supremacist mob had succeeded in hanging Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi, and AOC, and re-installed their Dear Leader, they'd still be fine with it all. Infact, they'd be moving to make 1/6 a national holiday of rejoicing.

I imagine that living with Republicans as neighbors is not unlike what it must have been like in 1776 when Americans had to fight for what would become the United States Of America while having assholes loyal to totally mad King George III in their midst, even living right next door. King George III or Trump and his evil spawn. Same deal? You decide. I'm sure the supporters of each are much the same.

To put it another way, the bottom line is this: Conservatives were loyal to the Brits in the 18th century and now are loyal to Russia in the 21st. Part of the appeal of course is the white supremacy and autocracy, but, face it, today's conservatives would rather we all be living in the 18th century when slaves were slaves and knew their proscribed place or else, and, ditto, women had virtually no rights, gays were bolted into closets, higher education was only for rich white males, and vaccines were barely even heard of. Sounds like the Republican ideal right there!