• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! The Senate's Motto: Doing The Least We Can Do!

by Noah

I'll just start today's Midnight Meme post by paraphrasing some lines from yesterday's post in which I mentioned the $enate's cynical machinations on the matter of gun reform.

OK, so the U.S, $enate came up with a "framework" over the weekend after all but let's get real, the announced "framework" has no mention of a universal background check and no new assault weapons ban. Instead, there is a series of 9 bullet-pointed (literally) catch 22s and loophole traps that are the $enate's specialty.

Since the announcement, the media hacks are going on about how "historic" the so-called framework is. As Howie mentioned Monday morning (please read his detailed post), even the old Grey Lady New York Times, aka the paper of record for the establishment jumped on the "isn't it wonderful" bandwagon; proof that the powers that be will go full bore in an effort to sell the gullible public any bag of crap they know they can get away with. Sadly, being as humans only use an estimated 10% of their brain power, the $enate will either get away with it or, at the end, drop the idea of even a tiny step in gun reform altogether. Meanwhile, the next mass shootings are already being planned and enabled. What lies at the core of all of these years of continued congressional (both houses, both parties) failures are things like- 1. Republicans are a death worshiping cult that relies on NRA money to finance their campaigns so they get elected and assure more American deaths while also assuring their places at the K Street Bribery Trough. 2. Democrats fear that if they actually could and did pull off something meaningful, the republicans will get even more NRA money to defeat them and they'll lose their places at the same trough. The idea that voters might actually reward them by not staying home on election day never seems to occur to them. They just think about the money and the perks of the job. 3. There simply aren't enough Democrats in place, ie. 60+ to ram through meaningful gun legislation that would include things like the aforementioned universal background checks and a permanent assault weapons ban even though a very large percentage of what Washington loves to call "ordinary Americans" favor those things and more, or at least they claim they do. They would need more than just the 60 to get anything meaningful done since there will always be Joe Manchins and Kyrsten Sinemas sitting among them in plain sight. 4. American voters keep voting for political filth like "Ted" Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Moscow Mitch who, let's face it, have no problem at all with blood and gore as long as they're getting paid. 5. The United States $enate has too many aspirations to be America's Number One No Show Job. Yes, there are more reasons but you get the drift. Yesterday, I mentioned how Conservadem ex-$enator Claire McCaskill was effusively touting the "framework" but shortly after that I saw another talking head add that if the ideas in the framework "saved even one life" it would be a success. Really? Is that all that Washington should be aiming for? One life? Just the saving of one life? Don't get me wrong. I would feel horrible for the friends and family of that one life if it wasn't saved, but what we're hearing from the media and those in Washington is a great example of what I mean by "Doing the least we can do." Damn these people! And they wonder why voters are picketing them on the sidewalks in front of their homes! Hell, it saddens me that the crowds of people are as small as they are! The people that live in those homes being picketed don't deserve a moment of peace and quiet. They don't deserve a minute of sleep. And, they need to be on no-fly lists so they can't try to escape to Cancun. And they'll be the first to complain about being abused right after another family loses a member, or two, or three to a mass shooting that they have helped cause due to years of inaction. They are the enablers of terrorism. And our tax dollars pay them and give them a cushy lifestyle that most true Americans can no longer even hope for thanks to them! Now look where we are. Take a real good look. Might as well look in the mirror, too. Congress has sunk so low that they have come up with a "bipartisan framework" of mere meaningless words full of catch 22s and loophole potential that they expect to slip by us. I have virtually no doubt that they will be successful in both that and in their efforts towards not offending their donor class. The whole "framework" amounts to a nothing burger made of fake meat and earthworms and they want us to eat it while they laugh and pat themselves on the back. The media cheers it. The media cheers them, for what! Trying to calculate the level of insanity that went into the $enate's bullshit 9 point plan (Again, see Howie's post) is overwhelming and sickening to the max. But, there they are. Congress thinks we should applaud them for coming up with a soggy mess that drips through our fingers on its way down the drain with the rest of America. Parting Shot: So now we wait for the long process of watering down the already watered down framework when it goes to the whole $enate. That's some cause for celebration, eh? Of course the thing was doomed from the start. They will agree on something that amounts to nothing serious because they willfully started with that as a goal even if some of them can't admit it. The framework is not even a dip of some toes into the water. At best, it's wiggling a couple of toes with the shoes still on. Schumer's committee of $enators that put the so-called framework together was made up of 10 $enators from each party or, if he wanted to be honest, 9 Democrats and 11 Republicans since he appointed Arizona's kooky Kyrsten Sinema as one of the Democrats. I get that he was thinking she would be in favor of what the committee came up with since she was one of the people who came up with it but, as they say, garbage in-garbage out. Then, there's the fact that Susan Collins was one of the 20 so that circus has already no doubt, begun. Wait for her to pull her support for doing anything at all at the last second. Joe Manchin wasn't on the committee but history tells us that he'll have a bag of monkey wrenches ready to go. We're not sending our best.