• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Moscow Mitch Is Now Dead Kids Mitch

by Noah "I'll never forget what I saw at the hospital that day. Two children whose bodies had been pulverized by bullets, decapitated, whose flesh had been ripped apart, all because laws allow people to buy weapons before they're even legally old enough to buy a pack of beer." -Dr. Roy Guerrero, Uvalde, Texas None of this is surprising. We all know about Moscow Mitch McConnell taking in cash from Russian oligarchs and NRA goons who facilitate Russian "connections" like Maria Butina. We all know he's a Russian asset walking around in plain sight and apparently the state of Kentucky thinks that's just fine. And, of course, hardly a peep about it from ol' go along to get along Chucky Schumer either. That's Washington. "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours." They call it politics. I call it something else. Moscow Mitch has always supported Donald Trump when push comes to shove. Naive people and corporate media pundit hacks love to say the two psychos don't get along. I just heard former $enator Claire McCaskill say it on MSNBC. People like her even claim McConnell hates Trump, but, no matter what Moscow Mitch says, the proof lies in the bottom line. The bottom line is all that matters at the end of the day. When Moscow Mitch twice had the opportunity to have his bloated orange pal removed from office, he kept him in place. The first time begat the violent coup attempt of 1/6 and the injuries and deaths that came with it. Moscow Mitch loves having blood on his paws. Tasty, eh, Moscow Mitch? I guess he just didn't want to piss off Vladimir Putin and disrupt all that financial support for his $enate gangster crew. Mitch is a proud major capo in the GOP Death Cult run by Boss Donnie. Dead Kids in their school, dead African Americans in their grocery store, dead women in back alleys across the country; none of that means fuck all to a shit-dwelling maggot like Moscow Mitch McConnell. He even made sure the $enate left town for a recess last week without reaching a deal on even so much as an outline for new gun legislation. His pointman on that? Surprise, surprise, it's his henchman, $en. John Cornyn of, you guessed it, Texas. Yeah, Moscow Mitch sure knows how to send a message. How much do you sell all these American lives for, Moscow Mitch? What's the going price for a bullet-ridden dead child in your social circle, Mitch? How much more is it if the kid is decapitated, Mitch? I can just hear that sick, weenie little chuckle of yours. I can just see that sick smile.


OK, so the U.S, $enate came up with a "framework" over the weekend after all. It seems that someone managed to shame and persuade John Cornyn to change his weekend party plans and either stay in Washington or zoom call from his home in godawful Texas to work on a proposal. But let's get real, the announced "framework" has no mention of a universal background check and no new assault weapons ban. Instead, there is a series of 9 bullet-pointed (literally) catch 22s and loopholes that are the $enate's specialty.

I have no doubt that the surprise announcement of a "framework" is just another example of senatorial asswipes cynically pretending to do something by floating the superficial bare minimum as a reaction test in hopes that they can get by with that bare minimum. This afternoon (Sunday) saw an endless amount of Washington jerkoffs and media whores parading across the TV screens of America trying to sell all but meaningless words, toothless words. It was like watching a whole show of late night used car ads.

More to come.