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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The New Axis Powers: One Of Them Is Home Grown

by Noah

It often seems to me that we Americans just think of other countries in terms of tourist destinations and little more unless we hear of bad stuff going on. Typically, most of us can't even find Guyana, Columbia, or Somalia on a map and, judging from the recent comments of various high profile republicans, there are way too many Americans that don't know that Puerto Rico is part of our own country.

But hey folks, there's such a thing as a world economy and we're part of it. Everyone's economy, both national and personal, is affected by lots of things, including but not limited to wars, climate events, earthquakes, pandemics, and the price of each barrel of oil; the bigger the worse. My, how our politicians love our ignorance and myopia. It makes us so easy to manipulate. Hence the playing up of inflation in election years.

Speaking of the price of a barrel of oil, how about those Saudis raising the price for no reason just four weeks before a U.S. election! It was an obvious attempt to influence votes by trying to raise gas prices at the pump. So, do what cops do when they need to, or at least want to, solve a crime. First, ask yourself if the perp acted alone. Next, ask yourself if the perp has ever, say, financed an attack against this country. Then ask yourself who, besides the perp, benefits both politically and financially here and abroad, particularly in what country or countries. You might want to start with Mohammed bin Salman's two favorite figures on the world stage, his golf business partner here and the lunatic in Moscow. You might even want to factor in the war in Ukraine and Ukraine's ability to defend itself over the next six months if the price of fuel has gone up again and the United States ends up governed by a congress with a pro-Russia majority that is already making noises about withdrawing aid to Ukraine.

Oh well! I guess I'll just go back to wondering where the missing contents of those top secret folders went.

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