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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Has Now Officially Endorsed Terrorism

by Noah The 2022 GOP Message To America: Terrorism Is "Legitimate Political Discourse." Yep. They are the Domestic Terror Party. It wasn't enough for the Republican Party that their Dear Leader Traitor Don confessed to the crime of attempted overthrow and talked about pardons for such actions if he is reelected. No, they just had to double down with a Hawley style Nazi fist in the air and a bigly "Me Too." The House Republicans even put it on paper, in an official resolution of censure aimed at two of their own who are helping with the House investigation of 1/6 and the events leading up to it. They voted for it like they were codifying a law, and now are waving it proudly for all to see. This is not really a statement of confession by either the Orange Menace To Society or his followers. Friday's resolution from the House Republican caucus is an in your face statement of intent. The Republican party mind hive is so fractured that it has gone from creating 1/6 to denying it ever happened, to saying "Antifa did it" while, at the very same time saying their murderous mob was "just a bunch of tourists," to "the FBI did it," to it was a hoax, but now they have jumped the shark by leagues in saying the whole thing was "legitimate political discourse." They have proclaimed their own insanity, proud boys and girls all! Always remember Friday, February 4th. It was the day the Republican Party declared that the mayhem and murder on 1/6 "was legitimate political discourse." In doing so, they have now made it official that, in their sick minds, 1/6 was only the beginning. In other words, they have proclaimed a new norm and told America and the world that there will be more of the same just like their complete mental case of a madman leader wants it. All hail Dear Leader! In case you ever doubted that they are in lock step with Traitor Don, all reason for doubt is obliterated. There will be more gallows. There will be more blood. There will be more hunts for those who get in the way of their lunacy. They call it all "legitimate political discourse" now. All that ransacking of the Capitol Building, the damage to the priceless art, the gouged out eyes and broken bones of police, the deaths; all of that in Republican eyes was and is "legitimate political discourse." They might as well have also named 1/6 after the German Reichstag arson of 2/27/33. I've said that before and now, from Dear Leader Trump to RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel to Moscow Mitch and Kevin McCarthy on down, they have confirmed it. Is it any wonder why they bitch about not being able to carry guns onto the floors of the House and Senate? Wherever, Hitler, Stalin, and bin Laden are, they are cheering them on. The Republican Party has their spirit animals and their spirit time is 1930s Germany. Now that the Republicans have officially endorsed violence as "legitimate political discourse," they have also officially endorsed more violence to come. Trump, Congressional Republicans, and the RNC have set a ticking time bomb. They have now officially proclaimed themselves domestic terrorists. This was all inevitable and predictable because we know their nazi nature. Now, we wait. There will be more attacks on buildings. There will be more pipe bombs and anthrax in the mail. The Republican Party will reiterate that that is "legitimate political discourse" like they did on Friday. That wave of bomb threats being phone into black universities by republican white supremacy groups the last few weeks? They will become bombings. What we saw in Oklahoma City is about to become more commonplace. The red-hatted lunatics see Friday's resolution as a license to kill.

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