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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The GOP Explains:* "You See, Wha' Happen' Is..."

by Noah See! The malformed 8 year old mind of your typical Republican really can explain it all! *Bottom text of tonight's meme provided in mantra form by Traitor Don Trump, the Republican National Committee, FOX "News," Newsmax, et al. Contact for your free Magic Declassification Wand™ today! Comes with 3 special envelopes pre-addressed to Putin, MBS, and Kim Jong-un, plus two for additional American adversaries (domestic or foreign) of your choice. Act now and receive 5 30-round AR-15 clips and the floor plans of a synagogue, federal building, black church, or school near you!


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Aug 22, 2022

I'm just surprised they feel the need to make excuses. Nobody is going to prosecute him. they don't need to impress anyone who worships the orange idol. and they certainly aren't going to impress anyone with more than 2 functioning synapses. I mean, why bother?

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