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Midnight Meme Of The Day! The First Republikook Debate Is Over! Long Live The Over!!!

by Noah

Traitor Don Trump, the Domestic Terror Party;s #1 icon may have announced that he wouldn't be physically appearing at the party's first bigly debate of the 2024 election cycle, but, oh yeah, he was there! It was hard to look at the participants up on that stage and not see him there. You'd have to be blind. He is them and they are he and they are all together. They have been all together and it doesn't matter what they may or may not say now. If you've marched with a Nazi, you are a Nazi even after you strike out on your own. There is no conversion therapy for that one.

So, in lieu of the Diaper Don's physical odor not being at the debate, please accept this Tom Tomorrow cartoon which just may explain a lot. Sure it's a very simplistic explanation of Trump's behaviour but, given the bizarritude of the man, isn't it also more logical than any other possible explanation? It very well might be!

Aliens! That has to be it! Aliens that are out to destroy the Earth and all humankind! This might also be as good as any explanation for all those red-hatted wackos that do those weirdo boat parades and truck and lawn displays, too! Surely those would never happen without a mass invasion of brain parasites, no?

Ah, but what explains the 74,000,000 voters who think The Orange Menace To Society is their personal Jesus, the bee's knees, and more? Man, that's a whole lotta brain parasiting going on. And what about Democrats that are addicted to thinking you can win by compromising with these Nazis? Yep! Brain parasites. 60 years of 'em! Still right there in front of us the whole time! "They're here! They're here!"

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