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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Politicians & Judges Are Eliminating Their Own Jobs

by Noah

You can always count on Americans to do the right thing, after they've tried everything else.

A quote often attributed to Winston Churchill but not confirmed

Whether or not Winston Churchill actually said the above quote is moot because it's something that all who knew him felt he very well could have said since it matched his attitude towards our country circa 1939. It's just one of those things that, sadly, rings all too true. In fact, we now appear to be blithely heading towards the full blown nazism of 1939 Germany. At least that's the obvious dream of the American Nazi nee Republican Party. Bob Dole and John McCain are dead. Long live Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell.

There's another way to look at the problem, too, and it's this: Amerika will just continue and continue to do nothing about the problem addressed in tonight's meme and hope it goes away. It won't.

Meanwhile, think of how we could make Amerika great for real. We could have a fair and equitable tax code and use the money for things like education, proper care of our veterans, ending hunger, mitigating climate change, improving healthcare and Social Security, and ending child poverty. Yep, all a pipe dream when more than 70,000,000 wackjobs vote against such things every chance they get because those things might also benefit some citizens that they look down upon.

Money is power and the more money the few like Bezos and Musk have, the more power they will have. Very soon, they will have no need for politicians and courts at all. Officially, our politicians and judges will be nothing but full time clerks if even that. That is essentially already the case but the day is rapidly coming when even pretending will be completely and utterly pointless. Ironically, our politicians and judges are in the process of eliminating their own jobs.

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