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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Planning A Halloween Party For Trump?

by Noah

Trump inflicted a Monster Fest Halloween horror on this country for 4 years. It culminated with his murderous 1/6 coup attempt. Where oh where is the karmadelic reaction? Payback has to come from somewhere.

There aren't many ways that one could prove the existence of God to me but one way would be that if God had concentrated all that wide flung category 5 power of Hurricane Ian had into a much smaller circumference of a few hundred yards and given it an extended engagement over Trump's Mar-a-Lago spynest for a full week or ten days and let it do what the most powerful storms do. Yeah, I know some more classified documents might have been lost to posterity and everyone else but that's a price we should be willing to pay to see everything and everyone in the damn place sucked up into the air, blown down and ground down, and sand blasted to smithereens. Then just let the ocean come and wash it all away so this country can try again to live up to its ideals; if, by some unlikely chance of course, our human race ever gets the smarts.

So, failing that, feasible or not, I like the idea that the above meme proposes. Terrorize Trump's deteriorating evil mind with the thought that his Al Capone/Leona Helmsley moment has come and do it on Halloween. I would just expand the idea and have similar amounts of people dress up as the IRS (FBI, too) and go to all of the Trump properties. 80,000 at Mar-a-Lago. 80,000 at Trump Tower in NYC. 80,000 at Bedminster, too, where they could dig up the ex-wifey's coffin and see what's really in it. How Halloween is that! 80,000 anywhere Donnie Psycho calls home and lays his gooey orange head at night. Pleasant dreams, Donnie.

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