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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Little Donnie Trump, The Man Who Fell Down A Well.

Your Saturday Cartoon

by Noah

At this point, we could put Trump behind the proverbial prison wall and most of the world, except for our adversaries, would quickly pay for it and rejoice. Personally, I'd be all for confining him alone in an open air 30 foot deep pit lined with paving stones, an extra wide well if you will. We could then buy tickets to go point at him, mock him (think of the nice echo effect he'd be subjected to), and pelt him with rotting fruit (and other things), maybe the occasional small mushroom, too. Now, you might think that I'm being too kind and gentle with him but, think about it: After a few weeks of rotting fruit piling up, he'd be appropriately surrounded by millions of flies and maggots. Then we tell him that the maggots are now his only food supply. Seems like justice to me. "Nature abhors a vacuum."



Noah! That is one great use of metaphor! A perfect description of what is going on with him. I only wonder how long ago it began. Well done, sir!


I wish I could see into 2025. If Biden wins will all these lawsuits finally come to fruition? It’s so frustrating getting into the weeds of all these lawsuits and appeals.


Apr 06

Such a vision would be cathartic. But, alas, it wouldn't make us/US "safe".

The 80 million nazis are still there. And they're soooooo close to their reich they can taste it. Absent their retarded pumpkinfuhrer, they'd just find someone else. meathead comes immediately to mind, though abbott in tx would likely jump in for consideration. I'm positive there are many others just waiting for an opportunity.

And, as with all shitholes, there is still absolutely nobody and nothing to get in the way. Not the other 160 million eligible voters. Not the corrupt pussy democrap party. Not the god that does not exist. nobody and nuthin.

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