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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Judge Aileen Cannon, McConnell & Trump's Mission Accomplished

by Noah

As expected, Traitor Don Trump's selected, bought, and paid for District Court Judge, Aileen Mercedes Cannon (from Flor-iduh), took the opportunity to prove that she is exactly that. She had a price. We all know how Traitor Don, the most disloyal president this country has ever had, demands loyalty above all when he does his interviews and makes his appointments. No expression of loyalty and you don't get the job. It's as simple as that and this judge didn't have the morals or the guts that some others have. I suppose she sees herself now as being on the fast track to the Supreme Court and no doubt she is. Republicans will see her soiled reputation as a plus. It's pretty easy to imagine Trump selling out this country for campaign contributions and meddling, building developments in Russia and North Korea, and more, it's damn easy to imagine him appointing judges that will sell out our laws for a path to a position on a higher bench.

Aileen Cannon's decree that there be a Special Master in the case of her Dear Leader's theft (and who knows what else) of Top Secret documents from the National Archives proves once and for all that she is loyal to Trump and not loyal to the law. Her ruling has no connection to any of our laws. Like her boss Trump, she makes things up to order, from scratch. The ruling has shocked the legal community but, given her suspect allegiance and past statements, why should it? Cannon's decision was instantly labeled as "thin at best" and "deeply problematic," with one former Dept. of Homeland Security official of the George W. Bush administration calling it "a genuinely unprecedented decision by a judge." It's so sad that even former Trump Attorney General William Barr said of the ruling, "I think it's a crock of shit."

There's absolutely no going back for Aileen Cannon. And of course she smugly waited until the quiet Labor Day weekend to announce she was making the decree that we always knew she would because she's just a goose stepping little rent-a-judge who was rammed through the confirmation process right after her boss lost his election with the help of 12 democrats who couldn't be bothered to do the right thing for the country. If you want to know their names, just click on the link but most of them are the usual douchebags from the republican wing of the party. The vote was 56-21, so 23 $enators didn't even bother to earn the salary we pay them by voting at all.

The only real questions about Judge Cannon now are did she ever have any consciousness of wrong at all or is she just a 100% dirtbag true believer in the GOP's nazi cause. If it's the former, were there the usual death threat warnings if she didn't toe the line? This is the way it is with the Republican Party in 2022. Now the whole thing might go all the way to the so-called Supreme Court which now has 3 judges appointed by a Manchurian traitor and domestic terrorist leader of a President and confirmed under the direction of soulless Moscow Mich McConnell, and another whose wife aided, abetted and encouraged an attempt to violently overthrow our government. This is how democracy gets machine gunned while those who could and should be appalled enough to do something about it just sit around like it's just another TV crime show.

So, this is what we have, a judicial system that is breaking new ground in its corruption. Cannon is an extra ambitious product of the far right Federalist Society as are Trump and McConnell's three recent Supreme Court inductees. The Federalist Society gave Cannon's name to Dear Leader and Dear Leader in turn gave her name to his aforementioned right hand man in the United States $enate, none other than the $enate's #1 Putin Puppet, Moscow Mitch McConnell. Readers know how I laugh at all the bullshit about McConnell and Traitor Don being at odds. Way too often, that's what the politicos and the media hacks tell us but those tales of disagreements mean nothing, zero, zippo. It's all for cover and for show. Only the bottom line matters. That's where it gets real and that bottom line shows any honest observer that Moscow Mitch has given his boss everything he's asked for, from the confirmation approvals of sleazebag judges to the notorious acquittals in Dear Leader's impeachment trials, all to the detriment of a country that not a single cell in his body cares about as long as the flow of rubles never stops. McConnell has always kissed the ring and given the boss a free pass. He's a great employee- that Moscow Mitch guy, a great employee and a traitor in good standing to every American ideal you can name, at least the idealistic ones. Benedict Arnold was a one time event. McConnell is a lifetime show.

For further details and opinion, Andrew Weissmann's assessment in The Atlantic is definitely worth your time.

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