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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Josh "Adolf" Hawley Fires A Mug Shot!

by Noah Yes, look at him. "Me Hawley. Me strong! Me like terrorists! Me voted to overthrow America for friend Putin! Trump think me great man! Me do anything for Trump! The GOP (aka Domestic Terror Party) is getting more brazen by the day. Now seditious Missouri $enator Josh "Adolf" Hawley has put the infamous "fist salute" 1/6 image of himself cheering on the murderous mob as they marched on the Capitol Building on a coffee mug (Seen above). And he's selling it to his like-minded traitors to raise money for his campaign! $20.00 gets ya one but call it what it is. It's Hawley's "Salute To Murder Mug." Hawley, who looks and acts like what you get when you issue a central casting call for an airhead frat boy or Charlottesville tiki-torch marcher (same thing really), says his mug is "a perfect way to enjoy coffee, tea, or liberal tears!" Interesting. I never thought of drinking tears before but I guess that's a Republican thing. Hell, they're all drinking urine now, so why not, I guess. Maybe it's some kind of strange vampirish thing. I don't know. It's such a party of total weirdos and kooks that it's hard to come up with any explanation other than mass mental illness. What else will Republican $enators soon be selling to raise campaign monies on their web sites? Like most politicians of any party on Earth, they've already made a habit of selling themselves to the highest bidder but now they're into selling grotesque props. Can you imagine what kind of people work for such assholes? Right now, in white supremacist nazi circles, it's a commemorative mug. What's the next GOP pitch, you ask? Here 'tis: Hey kids, how 'bout some Commemorative 1/6 Bear Spray just like the kind that killed Officer Brian Sicknick? How about flag poles with sharpened tips just like those used to gouge out the eyes of cops on the Capitol steps? And, if you act fast, fast, fast! How about special tasers, emblazoned with our iconic GOP elephant logo, just like the one used to give Office Michael Franone a heart attack while our glorious white supremacist maga mob chanted 'Kill him with his own gun!' What better way to join with our Ronna Romney McDaniel and the entire RNC in celebration of our most famous day of Legitimate Political Discourse? Ah! Memories! What Republican wouldn't want one of these very special mementos of that great day! You have to know that several Republicans have already thought of these things. Do you really think that goons like Rand Paul, Lauren Boebert, Kevin McCarthy and Louie Gohmert haven't? Meanwhile, I have a few suggestions of my own shown below. I offer them with some trepidation, knowing that the reaction from most Republicans will be "Now that's an idea I can get behind!" and "Where can I get them!!??!!" I don't have an answer for that but I suggest you contact Josh Hawley's office. Please keep in mind that, due to supply chain issues, delivery from Moscow may be delayed.

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