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Midnight Meme Of The Day! $en. Mike Lee, Coup Planner & Traitor

by Noah

I'm guessing that Utah's seditionista, Mike Lee, thought his post election texts to Trump's White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows would never go public but they have. Almost as surprising is the fact that it was the right-leaning CNN that revealed them to the American public just a few days ago. These texts from late 2020 are daming much like Nixon's Watergate tapes. Lee's amateurish efforts to 'splain them and tap dance away from them are farcical but, hey, what else is new. It's just Washington being Washington, a city without shame. A city without an iota of integrity.

The incriminating texts include the following:

1. Here's $enator Lee on behalf of Rudy Giuliani pal and conspiracy nutjob extraordinaire Sidney "Kraken Lady" Powell on 11/7/20, just 4 days after the election that the GOP was determined to overthrow by hook or by crook:

Sydney Powell is saying that she needs to get in to see the president, but she’s being kept away from him. Apparently she has a strategy to keep things alive and put several states back in play. Can you help her get in?

2. Here's Lee being an advocate for another conspiracy nut lawyer, John Eastman, on 11/23/20. Lee, although he denies it now, was apparently also successful in getting Eastman a meeting with Meadows and Trump. Not only that, but Eastman was a star speaker who spoke at the 1/6 incitement rally just before Trump's planned attack on the Capitol Building to overthrow the government and hang Mike Pence:

John Eastman has some really interesting research on this. The good news is is that Eastman is proposing an approach that unlike what Sidney Powell has propose could be examined very quickly.

3. Here's Traitor Lee telling Meadows some of how hard he's working on behalf of Trump and the coup attempt:

I've been spending 14 hours a day for the last week trying to unravel this for him.

Oddly enough, a Republican in Utah named Becky Edwards, who happens to be primarying Lee has this to say about him. I'll assume that Edwards is a typical raving loon Republican but, as they say, even a broken clock is right twice per day:

Sen. Mike Lee researched overturning a lawful, democratic election for partisan political gain. The moment Lee realized the gravity of Trump's attempts to undermine the 2020 election, he should have stopped researching the legality of such actions and stopped pressuring local legislators...Instead, he allowed the situation to continue and enabled those seeking to keep themselves in power, no matter the consequences.

Edwards is being somewhat generous in her assessment of $enator Lee's activities since he was doing much more that just "allowing," he was pushing, but the bottom line is that if this country had a reasonable justice system and democrats with balls, $enator Lee would already be under arrest and facing expulsion and trial. Republicans, total 24 hour a day bitchbags that they are, are always seeing "election and voter fraud" where there is none, but it's standing right in front of them in the person of $enator Mike Lee of Utah.

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and here stands $cummer... doing nothing.

you gets a nazi that wants a reich, or you gets a democrap too much of a pussy to get in the way.


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