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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Dressed To Kill

by Noah

Tonight, a lovely portrait of what Republicans call a "tourist." For their attempted Nazi coup on 1/6, Republican "tourists" came prepared. They brought rope plus wood and nails for a gallows. They brought bear spray, They brought zip ties. They brought taser sticks. They brought flags mounted on spears... They gouged eyes. They broke bones and they caused 5 deaths for their god Trump and tried for many more, including the House Speaker. Now, they'll sell you the commemorative shirt. They'll even sell you the complete treason promoting outfit. They're MAGA. They're "very fine people." Their attack on the Capitol Building was their planned equivalent of Hitler's burning of the building that housed the German Parliament, aka the Reichstag Building, back in February of 1933. If the Trump plan of violence and destruction had fully succeeded along with his plan to decertify the election of Joe Biden through legislatorial machinations, Trump and his RNC minions would have declared martial law and seized dictatorial power. This is ongoing. Repeat: This is ongoing. Waiting for those in Washington to wake the fuck up and do anything about it is absurd to the max. Repeat: This is ongoing.

RNC Treason Attire™ is available wherever very fine Republican tourist clothing is sold.

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