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  • Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! CAA: Conservative Anxiety Addiction

by Noah Racism and bigotry have always been one of the main drivers of the American Conservative movement. It's all about putting people in their place and keeping them there through policy enactment. Pretty much everything conservatives consider to be "other" is a prime source of motivation and fear for their twitchy little rat noses, be it non-whites, LGBTQs, science, the future itself, you name it. I've even witnessed conservative anxiety when my usual group of dining friends have decided to be polite and occasionally invite a conservative acquaintance along and suggested Afgani or Indian restaurants. Hey, we were just being friendly and inclusive! Even nutballs gotta eat! Since Trump, we don't even bother. I mean, who wants to break bread with some damn Trump lunatic? They can go eat with Jeanine Pirro and have her scream and spit food all over them for an hour. Anyway, as we know, addiction is a harsh mistress and the Republican Party has a growing need for more and more things to fear and hate, so much so now that they've moved beyond the everyday people and things in our lives. They now, even at a faster pace than ever before, have to invent scenarios, "problems," and things that don't really exist in order to feed their fears. Remember that pedo ring that Hillary was supposedly running in the basement of the suburban Washington pizza joint that didn't even have a basement? Well, just last week, we saw the detrimental effects of this mass mental illness on society as a whole. The made up myth of Critical Race Theory being taught in schools (It isn't) went a very long way in electing a racist anti-abortion conman as Governor of Virginia. It was "Fear The Black! Fear The Brown!" 24 hours a day. In the same week, a typical mob of knuckle dragging repugs showed up at the scene of President Kennedy's murder in Dallas because they had secret republican knowledge from Q that Kennedy's also dead son was going to show up and announce that he was going to run as VP on Donnie Traitor's 2024 ticket. "Praise the Lord! Praise Lord Trump!" I'm sure the ravings of the Pillow Guy figure in this uber-sicko scenario some way, too. Perhaps they see him as Secretary of the Treasury in 2024's Donnie Traitor II, unless of course that job's going to a reanimated Robert E. Lee or Martin Bormann. Meanwhile in California, an 8th grade history teacher has told her class that Trump is still the president, that Hunter Biden is screwing his niece, and that vaccines are dangerous. A history teacher! What a terrible thing it is to lose one's mind! I guess she left out the parts about the moon landings being fake and our ancestors riding to work on dinosaurs. If you ever encounter a sane republican, be sure to let me know.

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