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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Awaiting The Next White Supremacist Killer

by Noah Byron De La Beckwith, the killer of civil rights leader Medgar Evers, faced trial for the murder twice in 1964. Both trials resulted in hung juries (all white) and De La Beckwith walked out a free man. He wasn't convicted until 30 years later in 1994 (By a mixed jury that got to hear additional evidence) and he died 7 years later. De La Beckwith was a klansman from Greenwood, Mississippi. The reason I bring this up is simple. 1) Byron De La Beckwith's legal expenses were paid via contributions from a white supremacist group of the time called The White Citizens Council. Sound familiar? 2) The Mississippi Governor of the time, Dixiecrat Ross Barnett (Southern Democrats were the most virulent racists back then, before they moved to the Republican Party at Nixon's invitation), interrupted the court proceedings and marched into the court room to shake hands with De La Beckwith in front of the jury as the second trial was ending. He was giving his very public approval of the killer and his actions just like disgraced ex-President Trump did when he invited Kyle Rittenhouse to Mar-a-Lago last week for a shake hands photo-op and, of course, to encourage similar actions by any other fellow racists, teenage or otherwise, who might be looking for some sign of permission to do something similar. The countdown has already begun.


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