• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! Our Top 2 Faces Of White Supremacy

by Noah

Really nice young man.. really good young guy... a fan!
ex-President Trump as he regaled Sean Hannity with details of Rittenhouse's visit to Mar-A-Lago on FQX "News"

Yeah, two thumbs up.

Already Kyle Rittenhouse is a campaign photo-op. In Republican terrorist circles, he's a must get, a must have. In case you were ever bizarrely naive enough to think the Republican Party's frenzied over the top hero worship of Rittenhouse wasn't about white supremacy at its core, the fact that ex-President Trump wasted no time in getting him (and his mother) to come to Mar-a-Lago for pictures and who knows what ends any question of that. I'd love to know who paid his airfare and what airline carried this piece of Nazi garbage down to Florida, as if Florida needs anything more to pollute it. Did they grant him special permission to carry his gun on the plane so he could personally show it to his mentor or did someone pay to send it down by courier? Hey, maybe he got there by private plane. Who was it? Robert Kraft? Rupert Murdoch? Some Russian oligarch/RNC benefactor?

As I said over a week ago, Kyle Rittenhouse won't have to worry about ever being cash or adulation poor, at least not for a long time. It'll be interesting to see how he handles it all. He's feeling nothing but hero worship and support from all kinds of Nazis, KKKrs, Domestic Terror groups, walking plague variant incubators... in short, all kinds of republicans everywhere. Rittenhouse's legal costs are all being taken care of by his fellow travelers in the Domestic Terror Party and why wouldn't they be? RNC donors and voters see Kyle Rittenhouse as the ideal youth of America just like Germany once had its Hitler Youth. 200 Domestic Terror Party congresspersons are fighting amongst themselves for the chance to give him an internship and all sorts of right wing filth are practically trampling over each other to have him speak at their wacko events. You know we'll be seeing attendees wheeling a golden statue of him into the next CPAC just like they did with their Trump statue. No doubt, you will even see him speak at the 2024 RNC convention where he will get a standing ovation complete with straight armed salutes. Heil Kyle! You wanna be a Republican Party star? Shoot a couple of people in the streets. Why wait?

And, yes, since they are both taking steps to block the voting rights bill from being passed, it won't shock me if Sinema and Manchin end up posing with Rittenhouse, too.