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Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Supreme Court That Masturbates To The Sound Of Gunfire!

The Party Of Mayhem & Death Strikes At Us Again

by Noah

The Roberts Supreme Court has again doubled down on enabling mass murder but what else should we expect from a party that always holds a place for people like Alex Jones and Sean Hannity? Some yahoos and morons might think I'm being a little harsh on Chief Justice John Roberts (Thanks again, Chucky) again but god knows what drugs such people are on. Roberts is not only a total nazi who has made it his mission to prevent minorities from voting but he has also proved once again that he is cowardly enough to remain the goon behind the curtain and let his lieutenants speak and act for him. No, this time Roberts didn't choose Herr Sam Alito to take the lead. He uses the crackpot Alito family for the lead in oppression of women and flag signalling. Instead, for enabling the continuance and escalation of outright mass murder of Americans, be they school kids, club goers, or concert attendees, Roberts assigned Clarence Sale Thomas one of the biggest crooks in the entire history of Washington, DC to write the lead opinion in the Roberts court's ruling in favor of mass murder by gunfire. Here's Thomas, direct from his (or some billionaire's) written opinion in favor of death:

"We hold that a semi-automatic rifle equipped with a bump stock is not a 'machine gun' because it cannot fire more than one shot 'by a single function of the trigger.'"

That's a lie of course, since all one has to do to use a bump stock equipped semi-automatic as a machine gun is pull back the trigger once and keep your trigger finger in place ie. a "single function." Some fools may call Thomas's opinion only severely misleading but let's get real and consider the intent. In any event, in a case of maximum disingenuousness, Thomas and those on the court who voted with him would have us believe that you have to pull the trigger once for each bullet fired. That would be news to, for instance, the gunman who used a bump stock rifle to kill 58 human beings at a Las Vegas concert and wounded and/or maimed 500 others. People get their jollies in all sorts of ways. Jeez, and I thought that with Thomas it was just all those stories about him having a splendidly large collection of sex with animals porn. 

Here's Justice Sonia Sotomayor in her scathing dissent:

"Today the Court puts bump stocks back in civilian hands. To do so, it casts aside Congress' definition of 'machine gun'... When I see a bird that walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, I call that bird a duck. A bump stock equipped semi-automatic rifle fires automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, 'by a single function of the trigger.' Because I, like Congress, call that a machine gun, I respectfully dissent."

Yeah, the Court just cast aside a lot of American lives, too; lives of citizens of all political persuasions. How sad it is that Justice Sotomayor feels compelled by decorum to use the word 'respectfully' in this situation. Those on the court who voted for more bump stocks are voting for more Babyface Nelsons and school shootings. Mass murders don't give a damn about decorum and neither do their enablers.

I can only suppose that Thomas's sponsor, mega billionaire Harlan "The Hitler Garden Guy!" Crow, is very pleased with his protege. "What a good puppet you are, Clarence. Here's another yacht vacation!" I have to say that every American who voted for the Republican presidents who nominated the 6 "pro-life" bloodlusters on the court, along with those voters in swing states who stayed home or didn't vote for the opponents who had a chance of beating such horrific mutations of humanity, or those naive or worse $enators of any party (in this case nutjob Orrin Exorcist Hatch, Joe Biden, Ted "Backseat Of My Car" Kennedy...) who did anything to move them onto the Court or didn't do enough to prevent it also has a lot of blood on their hands and, just to make them oh so happy, there will be more. Trusting a Republican nominee for the Court is never a good move. And, sure, why not give that plastic nightmare on Elm Street kewpie doll Susan Collins an extra medal she can so proudly wear. I'm feeling generous today! 

By the way, Republican hero and "gun activist" Kyle Rittenhouse issued a statement of approval for the Court's ruling. Maybe he'll be getting a 3.5 million dollar RV and an invite to Harlan Crow or some other Nazi billionaire's Hitler Garden, too. I bet he even gets a speaking slot at the Repug Convention next month.


Jun 18

So, hater, if you all are sentient enough to SEE it, why do you refuse to ever DO anything about it?

You fix this shit, I won't have any of this shit to write about, n'est ce pas?

I think you are unable to even SEE it and you react to someone who CAN see it with hate... to make yourself feel better.


Guestcrapper, your mind lives in a place where you WANT to think others don't see the threat or even refuse to see it just so you can open your mouth about it.


Jun 17

You're missing the real point here. The next insurrection will be far more successful because all those "tourists" will have their ARs equipped with LEGAL bump stocks.

Once again, there is a plan in place and YOU ALL refuse to see it.

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