• Noah

Midnight Meme Of The Day! A Job Lindsey Graham Wants But Can't Have

by Noah

Regardless of how the Special Master thing turns out, maybe even by the time you read this, it's not hard at all to conclude that "go along to get along" Judge Aileen Cannon was given a list of interview candidates for a Special Master by no less than Moscow Mitch, the Federalist Society, or the psychotic Diaper Don himself on the day she was confirmed. Knowing what their treasonous goal is, why wouldn't they make contingency plans? I would guess that simpleton Trump's list would have the four men depicted in the above cartoon; same if it came from Don Jr. or anyone else in the Trump family, likely in the order shown as well. McConnell's version might have been only slightly more circumspect, an oligarch buddy who contributes regularly to the campaigns of Republican $enators, a few unamerican dirtbag corporate CEOs, or an attorney at FOX "News" perhaps, or, maybe a poolboy with a thick Russian accent.