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Is A Way To Deal With COVID Being Missed By "The Experts," Right Under Our Noses?

Hygiene Is The Solution To This Pandemic

-by Nathan Jones

Last month, Nate penned a post for us, COVID Help Is Here Already. At my urging, he did another one today, pissed off that our government and even and our public health officials still are not even discussing the idea of nasal sprays as a simple, inexpensive way to keep COVID at bay.

I don’t know how many people are familiar with the story of Ignaz Semmelweis. He was a Hungarian physician that lived in Vienna and was the first person to write a paper in the medical literature suggesting that physicians wash their hands between sick patients. There was a little epidemic of puerperal fever going around and he found that by just washing your hands it disappeared. Mortality rate dropped from 30% to under 1%... you would think he would be hailed as a hero but no he was ridiculed by his fellow physicians and in essence run out of town. This is a very sad story that is being rerun today. It took almost 150 years for physicians to accept that they needed to wash their hands between patients. Believe it or not it wasn’t until 80’s that it became standard of care for healthcare providers to wash their hands and/or change gloves between sick patients.

Why is it so hard for people to understand that changes in hygiene would be the easiest and fastest way to solve this pandemic? It is absurd that as we look back through history how many of the pandemics have been solved by vaccines or drugs? They were solved by cleaning up our environment, getting rid of the rats, getting drainage systems in place, learning to boil water, washing our hands, brushing our teeth (bad oral hygiene has played part in many epidemics including the current one) and yes washing our nose. You bring up the hygiene topic to anybody in the media or in public health and they deny it… no way can something so simple as washing your nose with an anti-viral/virucidal solve this pandemic. They keep going back to washing our hands and wearing a mask, but once that virus gets into your nose… don’t do anything just let it replicate unfettered in your nose. Does it not just make simple sense that if it is replicating in your nose that you should spray something up there to stop it? This is not something that Xlear is alone in believing. There are a large number of universities and companies around the world that are looking at nasal spray options: Stanford, UC San Fran, University of Alabama, University of Pittsburgh, St. Andrews... Companies in Canada (SaNOtize), in Israel, Australia and the UK are all looking at nasal sprays. (According to the FDA all of the experts at these Universities and companies are wrong as there is no way a nasal spray is going to be useful at stopping this pandemic... the FDA experts are obviously much smarter than the experts in the private sector and the universities.)

One of our state legislators asked our Utah State Epidemiologist, Dr. Angela Dunn, why she was not recommending the use of xylitol or nasal sprays as part of her protocol. She responded that there were no studies showing that xylitol or Xlear had any effect on the virus. We had sent her studies multiple times… her choosing to overlook them and not read them does not mean that they don’t exist. We then sent her hard copies of a number of the papers with sample of the product. To this day we have not heard anything… I would be totally happy if she or any of our public health officials could at least respond with a reason why it won’t work, why washing the nose, the site of infection where under current standard protocol the virus just gets to freely replicate… I can give her a whole list why it does work. I can share with her literature in the medical journals, I can share experiences of people that are running assisted living centers where the people using Xlear did not get sick, the people that were not using Xlear all got sick. We can share stories of pulmonologists that have been working this pandemic from day one and they have been using Xlear.

Here is a recent press release as you read through it there are links to a number of the studies… they do exist. Again remember that this is not a drug… this is a hygiene tool.

We have talked with Senator Mike Lee, with Senator Romney's staff, Cory Booker's staff, Congressman Meeks' office; we have sent studies into the FDA and gotten a simple form letter telling us that their experts don’t think there is any merit in a nasal spray. We have had discussions with people in the media, Anchors at ABC news and other networks. Everybody says oh that sounds interesting, let us see what we can do and then we never hear from them again. We had a long conversation with the head of Utah's Covid response task force, Jeff Burton, and he said the idea made sense to him, he would see what he could do. He did warn us that he would have to get it by the MDs first and that might be a problem… if the solution doesn’t involve cutting you, stabbing you, or drugging you then they probably wouldn’t be interested in it. We never heard back from him and a few weeks later he was let go.

I would like to hear from anybody that can tell me why using a nasal spray that both deactivates the virus and also blocks viral adhesion of Sars-cov-2 would not work. The only response we ever get is “is it FDA approved” (like that is a warranty of quality…don’t get me started on that) since it is not a drug, there are no drugs in it the FDA won’t even have a discussion with us about it. We have tried, and we will try again in the coming weeks. We are trying to do whatever we need to do to get these questions and this discussion out into the public forum. Let people understand that from what we know it makes perfect sense to wash your nose.

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