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COVID Help Is Here Already

This is the one I use

-by NJ

This past year has been, at the very least, a chaotic Charlie Foxtrot. This pandemic worsened due to the bungling of our healthcare administrators and then further bungled by the Trump administration, making it the most chaotic year most of can remember.

I do want to clarify… that when I am referring to healthcare care administrators I am absolutely not referring to the brave nurses, physicians, and other front line workers who are working in the trenches. These people have put their heart into helping as many people as they can and they should be respected and appreciated for that. I am not even referring to the majority of hospital administrators at the local level as most of them are not the ones that set their hospital protocols…

The people I am referring to are the hospital administrators, the FDA, the people at the CDC, the NIH and other government organizations who have been so focused on getting a vaccine developed that they have shut down many other options that could have helped. Instead of looking at a wide variety of options, “Operation Warp Speed” just shoveled buckets of money out to big pharma companies.

We knew early on that this disease is a disease of the upper respiratory tract.

We knew that roughly 90% of the viral load was located in the upper airway, the nose and the throat. Yet when someone would start feeling sick what was it that became the policy? Send people home to isolate… maybe take some vitamin or something… but just isolate until they were sick enough to go to the hospital or until they got better. If a foreign power was to invade the US… would we just sit around and self isolate until they got all of their armies and weapons halfway across the country… no we wouldn’t. We would fight them in the beaches, the streets, the fields, we would start before they even got to our shores, we would fight them the whole way. Sending people home without a nasal spray that destroys the virus, without something that destroys the virus that is what we are doing… we are letting the virus get a good strong beach head.

To this day what is it that our healthcare leaders are telling people to do to not get sick… wash your hands, wear a mask, stay home, why are they not including things like using a nasal spray that has a virucidal or antiviral product in it? Companies have been submitting ideas to the government, ideas with common sense, ideas with logic, and more importantly ideas with science that are backing them up... to the government and all the government does is turn them down. There have been a very large number of nasal spray ideas that have been suggested and most of them would help stop this virus.

Articles have been published about using iodine in a nasal spray as studies have shown that it destroys the virus. ANYTHING that can destroy the virus, ANYTHING that can help reduce the viral load in the nose and upper airway (I mean really isn’t that where it is) ANYTHING that can accomplish this is going to help. I quote the medical bible of the Journal of the American Medical Association: ”Therefore, transnasal viral inactivation may not only prevent person-to-person spread of SARS-CoV-2, but may also diminish the severity of disease in patients by limiting spread and decreasing viral load delivered to the lungs.”

The trick at finding a great solution to this crisis is to find a product that is 100% save for the person using it. Iodine can be used but there some drawbacks, another company in Canada, SaNOtize, is working on a nasal spray using Nitric Oxide. Studies have shown that nitric oxide destroys the virus…so why isn’t a nasal spray with NO2 being used?

Studies have shown that xylitol, carrageenan, and other substances also block the ability of the virus to adhere to the tissue.

There are a variety of nasal sprays on the market today that have been tested and have shown a very strong virucidal effect on sars-cov-2.

These are just a few of the dozens of possibilities that are out there… has anyone heard of any of these companies? Probably not as the media has been very careful to only talk about the vaccine and how close the big pharma companies are to having it for us. The vaccine is the hail-mary that might win the game for us… but any team that depends on the hail-mary is going to lose more games than they are going to win. Games are won by using solid defense ie... wearing a mask, wearing an N95 mask, wearing a positive pressure face mask. Games are won by a solid offense and doing what we can to help our body knock down the viral load as much as possible ie… washing hands, using a nasal spray that blocks viral adhesion or destroys the virus, or better yet does both, using zinc, Vitamins C & D any other products including drugs that might help destroy the virus.

What do all of these nasal spray options have in common… they would all be very cheap. Billions of dollars are not going to be made when the solution is a simple nasal spray that costs $10-25 and a single bottle lasts for a month or so. The pharma companies, the companies out there making a killing on all of the PPE that is being bought/sold and traded around the globe. The hundreds of billions of government dollars that is being spent on testing… none of these groups want the government gravy train to stop and the people at the head of these groups are the ones that have the ears of Fauci, Gov Cuomo, Trump, and others who are directing where this money is to be spent.

Not only are billions of dollars not going to be made… but big pharma, our government, and all of the administrators who pushed and pushed for billions to be used in “Warp Speed” will have egg all over their faces. Why did they spend hundreds of billions when there a variety of simple options that are being completely ignored that could save lives and money?

If people would start practicing good nasal hygiene and start washing their nose with something that destroys this virus… the pandemic would probably be over before the vaccines even got distributed.



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