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Herschel Walker, Word Salad And The Atlanta Suburbs

American governance is just a big ole game to Trump

Trump lost Georgia in 2020 because he underperformed in the populous suburban counties. Republicans don't win in Georgia by winning the big cities, which are blue bastions, and they don't in Georgia by winning the sparsely-populated rural counties. They win by doing well in the suburbs-- by big numbers in the outer 'burbs and by keeping from being wiped out in the inner 'burbs. Trump didn't. These 9 are the state's suburban population powerhouses that determine who wins, listed in order of number of voters.

  • Gwinnett Co.- Trump (2000) 40.2%, Kemp (2018) 42.2%

  • Cobb Co.- Trump (2000) 42.0%, Kemp (2018) 44.5%

  • DeKalb Co.- Trump (2000) 15.7%, Kemp (2018) 15.6%

  • Clayton Co.- Trump (2000) 14.1%, Kemp (2018) 11.8%

  • Cherokee Co.- Trump (2000) 68.7%, Kemp (2018) 72.1%

  • Forsyth Co.- Trump (2000) 65.8%, Kemp (2018) 70.6%

  • Henry Co.- Trump (2000) 39.2%, Kemp (2018) 42.0%

  • Hall Co.- Trump (2000) 70.8%, Kemp (2018) 73.3%

  • Muscogee Co.- Trump (2000) 37.4%, Kemp (2018) 38.5%

Statewide, Kemp won his race and Trump lost his because Kemp did significantly better than Trump in almost every suburb-- from the red out suburbs to the blue inner suburbs.

In a red wave cycle like the one we're facing now, a Republican would be almost sure to be able to beat a Democrat in the Senate election. But we have an election coming up with two very different candidates, an accomplished and well-spoken incumbent Democrat, Raphael Warnock and an embarrassing, bottom-of-the-barrel Republican in brain-damaged Herschel Walker.

While political cowards like Mark Kelly (AZ) and Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), who seem to believe their own senatorial longevity is more important than their constituents' children's actual longevity, have refused to co-sponsor an assault weapons ban, Warnock did sign on, demonstrating once again the difference between political courage and selflessness and... whatever you want to call Kelly and Cortez Masto.

No one would expect Walker to back an assault weapons ban but people might expect to get a discernible straight-forward answer out of him about here he does stand. Good luck with that. He's the gobbledygook candidate who never makes any sense... not about anything. Right after the shooting in Uvalde he was asked on Fox News about the gun violence problem. Take a look at how he responded:

I think even in Georgia most people who sense something is seriously wrong. And in those suburbs? I can't see them voting for this guy, even if they feel sorry for him suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which is, after all, a serious mental illness and a kind of schizophrenia. His answers tend to be literally nonsensical. As CNN's Chris Cillizza reported, "Herschel Walker has a pattern of offering questionable answers, avoiding the media and has been accused of making threats against women."

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02 cze 2022

whether to sign onto a mythical bill that will never pass is a purely political calculation. Warnock may or may not be sincere about wanting a ban, but he knows that it's never going to happen. He signed on to impress his voters.

similarly, though opposite, kelly refuses to sign on perhaps because he doesn't care about how long anybody's kids live... or probably because he calculated he'll lose fewer voters by doing so.

either way... nothing is going to happen except more and more mass shootings, though maybe not in schools until fall because schools are almost done for this term. and you can quote me on that.

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