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Wisconsin Voters Made A Big Mistake With Ron Johnson-- And They Can Correct That Now

A coalition including the NAACP, Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Working Families Party and the National Education Association is up with this powerful barebones new ad in Wisconsin today. Johnson isn't used to being called out for being a liar. He should probably get used to it. So far about $800,000 has gone into getting this message up to TV viewers around the state.

The ad calls Johnson out for his unwillingness to protect democracy and for his lie on Trump's failed coup. Johnson said of it on Fox News that "by and large it was all, it was peaceful protest, except for there were a number of people, basically agitators, that whipped the crowd and breached the Capitol. And you know, that's really the truth of what's happening here."

A print version of the ad in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and 9 other local newspapers noted that "The only thing Ron Johnson is willing to protect is his own power. Who’s Johnson working for? You or himself?"

State Senator Chris Larson is the progressive candidate running to unrig the system and replace Johnson. His campaign website's issues page is the starkest contrast you will ever see between Johnson and a Democratic opponent. The other Democrats running are all better than Johnson-- a low bar-- but none of the other Democrats running are even close to Larson. Everything Larson is running on is something Johnson opposes. "Anybody," said Larson the other day, "can pick up the badge of 'progressive' and wear it for a day. You have to have somebody who's been wearing it, living it and trying to push for other progressives to get in office. Real leadership builds other leaders and I've been a progressive leader all my career." That helps explain why Blue America supports Chris Larson in this race-- and why that 2022 Senate thermometer is above and a live link you can click.

Florida Senate candidate Alan Grayson, the progressive in the race-- and an admirer of Chris Larson, told us this morning that "In a fair world, Rubio, Johnson, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz and every other coup-loving, soul-less, direction-less, scrotum-less, Trump-Putin accomplice, confederate, flunky, gopher, groupie, aider and abetter, kissing cousin and running dog would be put on trial for treason, convicted, and spend the rest of their lives playing Jenga at Guantanamo Bay."

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