The Two Greatest Video News-Reports of the Past Decade, Guest Post By Eric Zuesse

Kyle Rittenhouse | Murder or Self-Defense?

Matt Orfalea, 23 March 2021, 13:2

The two greatest video news-reports of the past decade were not telecast on CBS' 60 Minutes or BBC or any other network, but on Youtube, posted there by the creator, in each of the two instances astoundingly gifted independent video-journalists, who got virtually everything exactly right, when virtually all of the mainstream ‘news’-media were getting it wrong and deceiving the public about what had happened and why. One is above and one is directly below:

Ukraine Crisis - What You’re Not Being Told

StormCloudsGathering, 12 March 2014, 10:36

Because of the atrociously poor-quality ‘news’-reporting by the mainstream (and almost all of the non-mainstream) U.S. ‘news’-media, here are the consequences of each of the those two widely-falsely-reported events:


Portland Rittenhouse Protests Into Riot

Sat. 20 November 2021 7:15AM


All of the U.S.-and-allied actions against Russia-- the restoration of the Cold War by them-- have followed from not only the accusations that Russia has been a threat to ‘Ukrainian democracy,’ but from the hysteria that ‘justifies’ the existence of NATO (America’s anti-Russian alliance) after Russia had terminated its side of the Cold War in 1991. Here are some of the news-reports that I have done on that:


Videos and Photos of the Odessan Massacre, and Why It Was Done

8 May 2014


What Obama’s Ukrainian Stooges Did

10 October 2014


The Entire Case for Sanctions Against Russia Is Pure Lies

27 February 2015


The Obama Regime’s Plan to Seize the Russian Naval Base in Crimea

4 November 2019


Of course, there also have been predominantly false and propagandistic ‘news’-reports the led to or ‘justified’ America’s involvements in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and almost everywhere else that the U.S. regime has invaded and militarily occupied during the present century. Americans have a plethora of good reasons for losing trust in U.S. ‘news’-media. The situation is now so bad that any intelligent and well-informed person in the U.S. recognizes that America’s ‘news’-media are actually no better than being propaganda-media — because that’s what they have become.

The two stellar brief videos that are highlighted here at the top, show that it’s not for lack of available talent that America has become a sewer of propaganda; it’s because that is what the owners of those ‘news’-media want them to be. They hire the right ‘talents’ for that purpose.