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The South Is Drowning In COVID-- Especially In The Counties That Voted Most Heavily For Trump

A couple of months ago, my doctor told me that a third shot is gold and that she recommended I get one... which I did. As the government struggles to prepare for the logistics of getting out another booster, they're trying to role out the process in an orderly way-- first the elderly and otherwise immune-compromised and then by next month everyone who wants some extra insurance that they'll stay out of the hospital if they get too close to a plague-carrying Trump supporter and become sick with a breakthrough infection.

The NY Times is now reporting that 62% of American adults have had 2 shots (fully vaccinated), but that varies widely between states, let alone counties. Mississippi and Alabama still lag badly-- with just 45% in Alabama and 46% in Mississippi of fully vaccinated adults. There are still a few Trumpist hellhole counties with fewer than 20% of adults fully vaccinated. Keep in mind some pretty low vaccination states don't report by county, like Georgia and West Virginia. But these are the lowest vaccination states I could find, along with their 2020 support for Trump's reelection. That combination makes them the dumbest counties in America:

  • Slope, North Dakota- 9% vaccinated (Trump- 89.0%)

  • Miller, Arkansas- 10% vaccinated (Trump- 72.1%)

  • McPherson, Nebraska- 10% vaccinated (Trump- 91.1%)

  • McPherson, South Dakota- 10% vaccinated (Trump- 81.2%)

  • Cameron, Louisiana- 13% vaccinated (Trump- 90.7%)

  • Harding, South Dakota- 13% vaccinated (Trump- 92.0%)

  • King, Texas- 14% vaccinated (Trump- 95.0%)

  • Arthur, Nebraska- 14% vaccinated (Trump- 91.2%)

  • Grant, Nebraska- 14% vaccinated (Trump- 93.3%)

  • Holmes, Ohio- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 83.2%)

  • Winston, Alabama- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 90.3%)

  • Logan, Nebraska- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 90.4%)

  • McCone, Montana- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 84.7%)

  • Grant, North Dakota- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 82.9%)

  • Gaines, Texas- 15% vaccinated (Trump- 89.3%)

  • McKenzie, North Dakota- 16% vaccinated (Trump- 82.7%)

  • Garfield, Montana- 16% vaccinated (Trump- 94.0%)

  • Crowley, Colorado- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 72.6%)

  • Reynolds, Missouri- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 82.0%)

  • Hayes, Nebraska- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 92.2%)

  • Powder River, Montana- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 85.4%)

  • Moore, Tennessee- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 81.6%)

  • Loving, Texas- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 90.9%)

  • Billings, North Dakota- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 85.2%)

  • Storey, Nevada- 17% vaccinated (Trump- 66.3%)

  • Newton, Texas- 18% vaccinated (Trump- 80.1%)

  • Dunn, North Dakota- 18% vaccinated (Trump- 83.4%)

  • Douglas, Missouri- 18% vaccinated (Trump- 83.2%)

  • Union, New Mexico- 18% vaccinated (Trump- 77.6%)

  • Grundy, Tennessee- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 82.0%)

  • Stanly, North Carolina- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 75.1%)

  • Pemiscot, Missouri- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 71.2%)

  • Newton, Missouri- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 76.6%)

  • Neosho, Kansas- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 72.3%)

  • LaGrange, Indiana- 19% vaccinated (Trump- 76.3%)

And speaking of Alabama, the state has now run out of ICU beds. [Kentucky is close.] One guy who won't need an ICU bed any more is just north of Alabama in Tennessee, where "Christian" hate talk radio host-- and anti-vac fanatic-- Jimmy DeYoung Sr., who spread disinformation about the coronavirus vaccines, is now another statistic among too-dumb-to-live Tennesseans. He was the one who caused a panic among low IQ women by telling them that the Pfizer vaccine would make them sterile."

Trump is still encouraging his moron supporters to commit suicide:

Buzzflash editor Mark Karlin mentioned a couple of weeks ago that "The Southern Republican Governors’ atrocities inflicted on their state residents due to their siding with COVID in the battle against the pandemic are far too many to cover in one commentary... [I]n terms of these governors being superspreaders and guilty of creating unnecessary infection, hospitalization and death, students and teachers cannot be required to be vaccinated against COVID, even though [Texas and Florida] require other vaccinations for school attendance. Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (who uses his pro-virus stance for fundraising, including such mocking items such as “Don’t Fauci My Florida” swag) lead the way among Southern governors in politically weaponizing vaccination and masking, forbidding any mandates despite a Republican Party long advocating local control and decision-making.

Yesterday Florida and Texas were again the top 2 states with the most new cases, respectively 21,669 and 20,161. And Abbott just tested positive for COVID but first attended a crowded and maskless indoor event the night before.

I have such blood-thirst social media followers. I can't imagine why.

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