Republicans Have Dug Themselves A Very Deep Hole In Michigan

Promising big Wall Street campaign donors that nothing would fundamentally change, Biden achieved he's life's dreams, becoming president. I bet he never imagined he would go down in history as one of the worst ever. He just doesn't have what it takes to do any more than try to glide through a storm not of his making, but one that he's guaranteeing a failed presidency. For the rest of us-- at beast, then long man at the wrong time, at worst, the prelude to a fascist take-over of our country in reaction to his patheticness as a leader.

Earlier this morning, we looked briefly at how a fascist takeover would manifest itself. And those fascist takeover efforts are in full-throttle right now as Republicans work everyday chipping away at the weak, battered defenses protecting democracy.

A couple of weeks ago, we noted that 5 of Michigan's Republican gubernatorial candidates were caught submitting thousands of forged signatures on their ballot petitions. And that included all of the top tier candidates. The courts turned down their appeals to let them run anyway and now the Michigan Republicans are stuck with some pretty unsavory choices for who to nominate on August 2 against incumbent Governor Grtechen Whitmer-- far right online news host Tudor Dixon (endorsed by the DeVos family and supposedly soon to be endorsed by Señor Trumpanzee), pastor Ralph Rebandt, professional conspiracy theorist (and chirpractor) Garret Soldano, biochemist Kevin Graves, a guy named Kevin Rinke and now in first place (at least before this morning), insurrectionist and real estate agent Ryan Kelley.

And this morning, another one probably down. The FBI raided Kelley's home and arrested him for his activities during the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol. Kelley was in the thick of the violence and encouraged the attack on the Capitol by the mob of rioters. He's charged with breaking into the building and three other offenses.

The NY Times reported that Kelley (40) had been "the lead organizer of an armed protest against pandemic lockdown measures at the Michigan Statehouse in April 2020... And after the 2020 presidential election, Kelley and militia members showed up for a rowdy protest outside a ballot-counting center in the state. 'Becoming too closely aligned with militias-- is that a bad thing?' he said in an earlier interview."

A video is circulating online showing Kelley climbing the Capitol steps shouting "Come on, let's go! This is it! This is, this is war, baby!" In a video Kelley made for the neo-Nazi American Patriot Council he insisted that "Gretchen Whitmer, [Attorney General] Dana Nessel and [Secretary of State] Jocelyn Benson are felons and should be arrested and put in prison."

The most recent gubernatorial polling-- by Target Insyght and Michigan Information and Research Service-- shows Kelley in first place with 19% followed by Rinke with 15%, Dixon with 9%, Soldano 6% and Rebandt 1%. It is the only public polling done after the previous frontrunners were all disqualified and tossed off the ballot. Ed Sarpolus, executive director of Target Insyght: "After almost a year of campaigning, the GOP has five candidates who are relatively unknown, causing 49 percent of the Republicans to be undecided with less than a month before absentee voting starts. Nobody is out of this race. Whoever spends the most money to build their name recognition is probably going to win the primary."

I'm not sure what that yellow thing is that Trump has on his head but that's crackpot Tudor Dixon standing next to him at Mar-A-Lago, where she paid him to pose with her and say some nice things about her. He has called her "fantastic" and "very popular," but the latter was not borne out in the results of the polling. In fact, this fella, obsessed with grievances and conspiracy theories, is slightly more twice as popular than she is: