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Real Question To Real Candidate: "Do You Sleep With The People Who Give Your Campaign Money?"

Yesterday, I received one of the most astounding political e-mails in my life-- and I've seen 'em all. This was from Philadelphia progressive Alexandra Hunt. It's based on another e-mail she had sent out a couple of days earlier-- in time for Valentine's Day-- with a subject line "Marital Tax Filing Status: Single." Patriarchial type men did not react well. We'll get to the reactions in a moment. This was the original letter:

I’m an unmarried single woman running for office in the United States. Researchers say that while my bold run for PA-03 may be applauded on the career-front, I’m hurting my chances of finding a long-term partner to settle down with.
I say that’s his loss.
Societal norms, even in 2022, favor a man in a heterosexual partnership being the primary breadwinner and advise men to steer clear from entering relationships where they might be second or third in a woman’s priorities. There’s research and articles written warning men against marrying a “career woman” because he’ll find that she won’t be happy quitting her job and staying at home, the house will be dirtier, he’s more likely to fall ill, and there’s a high likelihood that marrying a career woman will result in divorce.
Damn right it will. If a man needs me to stay home, clean the house, and prevent him from falling ill, you better believe I’m filing for divorce.
But all of that talk aside, being a single woman running for office does come with some hardships. I recently spoke with another woman who already holds public office. She used to hold very similar views to marriage and ran for office as a single woman. However, she recently decided to get married because she said she needed emotional support. She said that being a woman in politics and running outside of a political machine can be incredibly lonely.
I might be single, but this race is not without love. I deeply love the people of this district. When I leave Philadelphia for a business trip or vacation and I catch sight of Philly’s skyline upon my return, my heart starts beating faster. I know that within the city limits are everyday people going about their waking hours, showing up for one another, building community. I also know that those same people are facing a lot of undeserved and unjust struggle. This is what has propelled me to run such a difficult race in such a toxic environment. It’s what sustains me through really hard days to keep going. It’s also what fills my heart when voters invite me into their living room to sit down and talk about our platform. Love. Radical love.
...Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our supporters across the nation. The machines, tax forms, and maybe even societal norms will never understand what it’s like to fall in love with a movement.
That’s their loss.
To all the single ladies,
Alexandra Hunt

Alexandra writes good letters. She's a Blue America-endorsed candidate and I hope you'll contribute to her campaign for Congress here. But this post is about the e-mail that followed, the one I got yesterday. This is shocking... stunning... appalling that this is what a candidate like Alexandra has to contend with for running to make her community better. Before you read it, though, please take a look at this tweet that historian Michael Beschloss posted today. Then read it Alexander's missive.

Did you see my last email? I know that I am an unconventional candidate and an unorthodox woman, but I was not expecting this email to cause such an uproar.
First of all, I received multiple marriage proposals, requests for photos and nudes, and unsolicited comments about my looks. But the vitriol in the response from Republican men who saw screenshots of the email on Twitter was shocking. Did you know I received a death threat?
  • That's it. I'm beheading hoes.

Just for talking about being single? But wait, there's more.
  • You sound like a lesbian you f**king c*nt.

  • Can I nut inside you, Alexandra?

  • Alexandra out here trying to make the cliche "our politicians are prostitutes" literal. The last thing we need in Philadelphia is more trashy, used single women wielding power over her betters.

  • I'd read her fashion blog, that's all a pretty face and sh*t for brains is qualified for.

  • Hopelessly broken.

  • A future elderly cat woman.

  • What's her relationship like with her father?

  • I bet she bangs for votes.

  • Do you sleep with the people who give your campaign money?

  • Let's be honest, she's running for Congress because she's flat.

  • Certain amendments were a mistake.

Jeez. This is probably a good time to mention that I fully support the reauthorization of The Violence Against Women Act. Clearly, we, as a country, need it.

Again, please consider contributing to Alexandra's campaign here-- and maybe you'd one to buy something from her campaign store:

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Feb 17, 2022

coupla things:

I've been to philly. her view of it is romantic rather than realistic. not that it's a bad thing for them to have someone like that representing them.

but, sadly for her, her party ARE corporate whores. even if she resists active participation in those acts, her membershit in the cathouse does aide and abet those acts.

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