• Noah

Part 11: A Journal Of A Plague Year--The Lunacy For Which Republicans Stand. "Best Words," Vol. 7

-by Noah

1. Alex Jones, Republican Radio and Internet TV God: Alex Jones is arguably Donnie Death Machine's favorite broadcaster. He said as much during campaign appearances with Alex in 2016, but there's also Tiki Torch Carlson and some freakish silverback named Sean Hannity, so take your choice. Conspiracy nuts all. But Alex has his own special kind of crazy wacko Repug thing. Above is Alex preaching to his audience, confiding that he would eat his neighbors. I bet the "I'll eat your ass moments" really got Lindsey Graham going!

2. Sydney Powell, Donnie Psycho's #2 Attorney, aka The "Release The Kraken" Bozo: The Repug goons would have you believe she's no longer #2, but, she's still very much in the picture when it comes to advising Trump on all things related to the Republican Party's coup attempts. Powell is even wackier than Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna "Conspiracies "R' Us" Romney McDaniel and Trump's #1 who oozes #2, Rudy Giuliani when it comes to conspiracy mongering. Heeeerre's Sydney back on November 19th:

American patriots are fed up...We are going to take this country back. We will not be intimidated. We are going to clean this mess up now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States Of America for the people who vote for freedom!"

Powell also claims that:

President Trump did not win by hundreds of thousands. He won by millions!

It's sad enough that a grown woman who once had a lot going for her can become deranged enough to say such things. What's even sadder is that several hundred thousand critical thinking-challenged Trump followers instantly grabbed onto her statements as truths (alternate facts) and spread them across social media in print and meme form. They went viral among Republicans. Powell's statements were life preservers for the deluded denizens of the alternate Earth they live on. They were more than reassurance for the hypnotized victims of Trumpism. The statements are now the very fabric of their alternate universe, a universe where only Trump deserves to be president of the United States of America, and is.

Obviously, Powell, like the rest of the Trump Crime Family and their supporters are trying to stoke civil unrest. This would be a war between the real world normal people live in and the fake world Republicans are increasingly embracing. Powell is still a lawyer but, hopefully disbarment proceedings will begin soon, not that that will stop her. She's real bizarro world material, way beyond even a lunatic like Kimberly Guilfoyle. I expect she will be Giulian's next wife and they will get a show together on AON or FOX. If not, they can live down by the river in a van for all I care. Hopefully, they park it on a flood plain.

3. President Donnie Psycho: As another great Republican, Dan Quayle once said, "What a terrible thing to have lost one's mind. Or not to have a mind at all" and, "If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."

The mailmen are carrying ballots going back and forth, back and forth. There are many mailmen are in big trouble right now, selling ballots, getting rid of ballots. This is the craziest thing you've ever seen, But, uh, many ballots, many ballots with the name Trump on we're thrown out. You've read that. They found ballots in a river with the name Trump on from the military. They were signed and they were floating in a river. They found ballots under rocks that had the name Trump on. They were signed. We won the election easily.

"You've read that?" Oh, so, it must be true, because it's something you can read. Republican logic is really something. Yeah, it's the craziest thing alright. This is all what Trump had planned for 2016 when, going right up to election day, he said the whole thing was rigged against him. Then, he won because 62,000,000 voters decided they wanted a lunatic rather than Hillary Clinton; not a great choice but sane is usually better. All he could say then was that the 5,000,000 more votes that Hillary got were from "illegals." I'd so love to have a conversation with his orangeness about all this. Donnie, river? Which river? Where? "Ballots under rocks that had the name Trump on." Really? The rocks had your name on? Like tombstones? Rocks from your head? The rocks were signed? Who signed the rocks, Donnie? Sounds like you should join Sydney and Rudy in their van.