Next Time You Hear Of Tony Lovasco, It'll Likely Be About Him Committing Sedition Or Dying Of COVID

Republican Tony Lovasco represents suburbs northwest of St Louis encompassing super-backward southeast Lincoln County and northwest St. Charles County. He fits the district-- a former student who managed to graduate from high school, tried college, flunked out and jumped into right-wing Republican politics instead. Both counties are red hellholes, particularly Lincoln, which gave Trump 73.9% of its vote in 2020. St Charles went for Trump as well, with 56.8%. St Charles is also more like a normal place in terms of its residents having the sense to get vaccinated; 52% are. Lincoln, as you might guess from all the Trump voters, is an anti-vax sewer-- just 32% vaccinated. Over the last two weeks, COVID hospitalizations are up 55% in Lincoln County, easily the worst of any county in Missouri, where, overall, hospitalizations have started to drop. Rep. Lovasco's pinned tweet is this ignorant crap about vaccine mandates being unconstitutional:

No one would ever accuse Tony Lovasco of having the intellectual capacity to understand the difference between freedom and selfishness. He has publicly called on his moron supporters to not get vaccinated.

Until this week Lovasco, first appointed to the legislature in 2018, was mostly known for one thing, tweeting that demonstrators protesting the murder of George Floyd-- who he referred to as "looters"-- "deserve to be shot, but not by Government."

Today, Lovasco is in the news for this tweet calling for a "fair and balanced" approach to statue removal, advocating tearing down the Lincoln Memorial in response to the removal of Robert E. Lee's statue in Richmond, Virginia. In his warped little mind America's greatest president is "reprehensible" undeserving on honor.

Lovasco probably doesn't agree with the judgment of history that Abraham Lincoln was the greatest American president, both by historians and the general public. It's not hard to figure out which side of the Civil War Rep. Lovasco and, ironically, the current residents of Lincoln County, Missouri, would have been on. Lee, on the other hand... a stone-cold loser. No doubt Lovasco would push back as strongly against these expressions by Dana Milbank as he does against vaccinations: "No general in U.S. history was defeated as unequivocally and as totally as Lee. For all his supposed strategic skill, his army was entirely destroyed. One-quarter of those who served under him were killed, and an additional half were wounded or captured. He was a traitor to the United States who killed more U.S. soldiers than any other enemy in the nation’s history, for the supremely evil cause of slavery. To boot, he was a cruel enslaver and a promoter of white supremacy until his death."