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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Wire Hangers, The New Republican Logo

by Noah Obviously, the Republican Party has embraced the wire hanger as a logo. The wire hanger is a kind of totem of, by, and for, Republicans. Republicans should wear wire hangers around their necks. I can see them wearing little wire hangers as earrings. I can see their idol, Mike Lindell, now selling My Wire Hanger T-shirts, and My Wire Hanger Panties too. It's a natural for Republicans. I can see those t-shirts as the uniform of the on-air goons at FOX, AON, and half of CNN, available in a variety of options; black and white, multi-colored, tie-dyed, and splatter-style My Hanger t-shirts. That's what I see when I see Republicans now. I can't look at a Republican without seeing a wire hanger now. Two days ago, I proposed the idea of sending every Republican a wire hanger. Be sure to include Susan Collins and Moscow Mitch. Send Lindsey Graham a nice pink one. Send one piercing a beer can to Brett Kavanaugh. So yeah, why not visit Republican Town Hall meetings and offices to hand a wire hanger to a Republican? You don't even have to say anything. Just hand it to them. Who wants to talk to a republican at this point anyway? Why not give the gift of a wire hanger to every republican you know? Back alley abortions have always been an integral part of Republican healthcare plan ideas. Sick as they are, they might even thank you. Don't be rude. Bring enough for everybody. They love their new logo. The shape of a wire hanger also makes for a nice rubber stamp design and red ink is certainly plentiful. Why not get a stamp made and write to your Republican state legislator or any repug politician and just send them a sheet of paper in an envelope that's stamped all over with little red hangers? The silhouette of a wire hanger is easily stencilled, too. I can foresee graffiti artists causing a national shortage of blood red spray paint. Never forget, and never let up with these people, not even for an instant.

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