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Midnight Meme Of The Day! When It Came To Life, Speaker McCarthy Chose... Poorly

by Noah

I look at a waste of air, space, and humanity like Kremlin Kevin McCarthy and, for a split second, I wonder how he manages to walk out his door and mingle with the world every morning without a care for other people or that world itself. Then I realize it's a ton more than being incapable of feeling shame for anything he's willfully become or done. It's also more than being amazingly oblivious to everything in his existence. I know this because I know that if a weasel like him had even an ounce of honor, he would have the level of awareness that would compel him to reach for the hari-kari knives by now.

Have a nice day, Kev. Have a nice day knowing that the choices you've made along the way have led you to where you are right this moment, a moment where there is only one thing left that you can do on your own terms.

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