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Midnight Meme Of The Day! What's Morse Code For "Russian Asset?"

by Noah

Or, is that Russian Asshat?

So Senor Trumpanzee doesn't get back on Facebook, at least not for now. The FOX "News" goons and Goebbels Big Lie devotees, in an effort to fan the flames for another attempted coup, instantly falsely claimed that the Trump ban is forever but nothing in Facebook's statement says it is. Among other things, that means patriotic Americans need to keep the pressure on and always be vigilant enough to prevent any typical corporate backsliding or sneaky behind the back moves when the furor has died down. If you take your eyes off a corporation or a politician, they will screw you every time. Politicians in cahoots with a corporation? That's just exponentially more evil.

Meanwhile, Trump is still going on about his little red hat-wearing white nationalist maga nutso wouldbe lynch squad being all law-abiding and kissing cops on 1/6 in some big lovefest of the totally deranged republican group mind. Yeah and Trump's ass-kissing inside jobbers in Congress were law-abiding too. If they had all succeeded and hung Pelosi and Pence and beaten AOC and some others to death, Trump and FOX would all smiles, high-fiving and still be saying the same thing. OMFG!!! McCarthy, McConnell and the whole damn rest of the Domestic Terror Party is crying and complaining about their idol not being allowed on Facebook when that should be the least of their problems! Every damn one of them should already be swealtering in GITMO or be forcibly encamped on a highly active volcanic island in the middle of an ocean somewhere. Let them complain about trying to subsist on a diet of giant mosquitoes, rats, yummy centipedes, and whatever lice they can pick out of each other's hair! Ya want fries with that? Fine! The hamberder and fries plane does a fly over and drops cargo once a month, and no, there isn't enough for everybody, not even close!

All that said, although I do like the sentiment of tonight's meme, I can't imagine Trump without the extra 200 pounds of useless orange blubber and gooey ectoplasm that some would call his body. And Trump actually being able to learn Morse Code? Not a chance! But I would enjoy the results of his opportunity to further mangle the language. You thought his tweets were absolute gibberish? Wait 'til you see what he says with a telegraph.

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