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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Watching Republicans Rewrite The History They Orchestrated

by Noah

Republicans will tell you that Drag Queen Story Hours are bad, bad, bad. They'll get all spitting, red-faced mad and tell you that such things are a great danger to every child, woman, man, dog, and parakeet in America, more dangerous than Norfolk Southern's rail bomb trains, worse than lead in the drinking water of minority communities put there by republican governors, worse than the disasters created by out of control climate change, and even worse than classrooms full of machine gun fire. Lately, it's all been "Fear The Drag," "Woke," and "J-6 Never Happened." That's the Republican message, but the reality is that what's worse, far worse and far more of a threat to this country, is Vladimir Putin's favorite American TV show, the nightly Tucker 'Proud Boy' Carlson Fake News Hour." The damage done by Julius and Ethel Rosenberg pales in comparison.

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