Midnight Meme Of The Day! Urine! The Republican Drink Of Champions!

by Noah It was bound to happen; Republicans all over the country drinking their own urine to ward off COVID when a life-saving vaccine is a more sensible alternative. But no. Republicans choose pee! A nice warm glass of pee or pee on the rocks! Freedom of choice! Freedom! Freedom! It's the new Ivermectin! It's the new bleach! It's the new Lysol! It's the new light bulb up the ass! Yeah, well that last one probably isn't so new to them. Oh, and they voted for that golden showers guy so... It seems so natural that Republicans would select urine as the next mystery COVID cure. It's less messy than smearing your own feces on your chest like it's Vicks Vaporub. But, hear me out. That's next! What else would you expect from a party of red-hatted single digit IQ nazi lunatics that stormed into the Capitol Building and literally peed in the corners and smeared their feces on the marbled walls and priceless paintings and murals. I guess, in the mind of the typical totally insane Republican, attacking the election of Joe Biden with human waste would lead them to fighting off COVID-19 the same way. Modern day Monkey War! Brilliant! I can't wait 'til Vladimir Putin starts selling them bottled radioactive waters from the Chernobyl waste water pools. Drink up, Repugs! Please! Drink up! Hell, fill your bathtubs with it and jump in for all I care! Addendum: Which nut job Republican $enator will be the first to give a speech extolling the virtues drinking pee as a COVID cure, drinking glasses of it Marco Rubio style while they speak? Will it be Ron Johnson the pride of Wisconsin? That idiot $enator Snowball guy from Oklahoma? Susan Collins? "Ted" Cruz? No, not "Ted" Cruz. He's way past that one. What about in the House? Sooo many possibilities but I'll go with Louie Gohmert. He just looks the part. One last thing, dear readers: Please don't start sending selected congresspersons gallon jugs of pee. As Nixon said, "That would be wrong."