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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Two Illustrations Of The Republican Thought Process

by Noah Your Saturday Cartoon: Republicans seem to be loving their Dear Diaper Don even more with each indictment. With Georgia's Fani Willis about to go public with her findings, the idol of the 74,000,000 will be bursting in fits of orgasmic ecstasy. Well, ok, that's wrong. Republicans don't really do well with that orgasm thing. When it happens, it's not even fun. They drown in waves of shame. But, I digress. Today, I'm presenting not one but two cartoons that go a long way in revealing the Republican Mind vis a vis their Dear Leader's current problems with the laws of the land. They think violations are just "technicalities" and they think free speech is still free speech even after it attaches itself to crimes pulled off by the speaker.


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Aug 12, 2023

the meme implies a myth... that there exists some form of law enforcement that will do something about these things.

so far, only a small number of trump and nazis "illegal"* 'thought processes' have any pretense of being dealt with.

* technical term. when enforcement does not exist, NOTHING is illegal.

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