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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tucker Carlson, Guru For White Supremacists

by Noah

Tucker Carlson isn't the only racist at FOX "News," of course. It's obvious that being a Nazi is a qualification for employment as on air "talent" at FOX. I do have it on very good authority that everyone at FOX headquarters on Sixth Avenue loves him and hangs on his every word. To his co-anchors, the producers, writers, and researchers, Carlson is da man. You even see that in the ex-employees like true believer Megyn Kelly who was so quick to come to Carlson's defense this week. Think about how incredibly sick such a place must be. It's amazing that their Christmas tree didn't just burst into flames without any help.

It's not going to change. The Murdoch family has a mission. They pay Carlson and the others like him a ton of money to do what they are doing and a lot of really dumb, hate-filled, and gullible Americans lap it up like braindamaged pigs at a poisoned trough. The amount of money FOX earns from their mission is grotesque but there are other ways to earn a lot of money in the media world, so, yeah, the murders and attempted murders committed by their viewers, the successful efforts at fanning the flames of a killer virus, the blatant racism, the support of a psychopathic president, the rending of the fabric of America like never before, and the attempted coup on 1/6; all of those can only be seen as a mission. One of those things could be seen as a mistake in judgement but not all of them and certainly not all of them together. Is one of our adversaries on the world stage paying them? Possible, but I doubt it. FOX "News" is too much of a product of a perfectly focused mindset. As such, it is simply a reflection of the sick souls of the Murdochs and those who work for them. It is who they are as people, done to the max.


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May 20, 2022

nothing new. bill o'reilly talked repeatedly about Dr. Tiller and a random nazi named roeder took the hint and killed the Dr. Only 13 years ago. o'reilly was never charged with anything. and he, too, was very well paid to stir up hate and murder.

too bad americans are so fucking stupid. if they weren't, murdoch's media wouldn't have an audience.

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