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Midnight Meme Of The Day! Tucker Carlson Chooses... Poorly, Again!

by Noah Oh poor Tucker! Poor little Tucker Tiki Torch Carlson! So angry! So fearful! Look at the shot from his show on FOX "News," the most popular TV show with Nazis everywhere. Look at him. Look at what he's all upset about now! He'd have us believe that Washington, D.C. isn't already chock full of Nazis but he's afraid he and so many of his closest fans, friends, and allies will never be able to visit Washington, D.C. again! Sorry about your freedoms Tucker. So sorry you feel you might not be 100% free to roam about the country but, considering that you should be locked in a dungeon fighting rats and cockroaches over your daily bowl of cold gruel, I think you should count your lucky stars. By the way, Mr. Tiki Torch, whenever Gen. Milley said a wall needs to be built around Washington to keep people like you and your Nazi viewers out is not important. What's most important is that he's said it now, and if he really did say it, then I am somewhat surprised and very, very relieved. Unlike what you say, I'm glad if more of your Nazi pals aren't getting in. I'm glad if Milley thinks that way. After the election or after the Republican Party's attempted coup on 1/6, the important thing is that a man in his position realizes that that's not the end of it and that your kind will try again and again, so, no more Nazis getting into D.C is an overdue mission. You promoted the 1/6 coup attempt and you are continuing in your efforts toward more of the same just like every republican who voted not to impeach your Dear Leader and voted not to investigate 1/6 is to this day. Tucker, part of General Milley's job is to protect America from the possible results of the efforts of people like you. Right now, it's a whack-a-mole job. That's been the job of Joint Chiefs throughout our history. I know you hate that. Any sentient, patriotic American knows you do. You are as transparent as they come. I know that your masters Trump and Putin are disappointed in your mission not being accomplished. We all know they are impatient. I know you fear their wrath but tough shit. At least for now, your beautiful coup attempt failed. You chose... poorly. So, to you Tucker, go fuck yourself, Nazi Boy. To General Milley, I say, "Build that wall! Build that wall!!!"

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I gotta say, I think Milley is lying, but it no longer matters. The think is, he is in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, their Chairman. None of them are in the chain of command. They cannot give orders to ANY troops. There are probably a few thousand officers and enlisted men assigned to their staffs, but, believe me, those guys aren't going to set up road blocks and check points. You aren't going to put a "ring of steel" around the city you are going to need several tens of thousands of troops setting up check points and those troops are going to have to be existing units. The chain of command is President -> Secretary of Defense ->…

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